Let's Play a Game! (Name a drama where...)

I hope I got the category right. I haven’t made too many discussion posts so far (one, to be accurate, and that was technical, hahaha).

Anyway, I digress, I’ve made this topic so we can have some fun as a group of drama fans! I didn’t see anything exactly like this in the discussions, so I thought I’d make it. Soooo… Let’s play a good-natured game!

Background: A while ago I made a couple of memes on this topic just for fun and as a joke and therefore I’ve now come to the idea of this game. (I can totally share the memes in the comments if anyone likes too! Hahaha!)

Now, to the point (I am really not good at brevity, I apologize. Hahaha!).

We all know and love all our favorite drama tropes. We know how beloved second male leads are. We also know that in every modern drama there seems to be at least one hospital scene, even for the silliest of reasons. Also, all couples must stare at each other lovingly for several seconds to make it clear that they are falling in love, especially in K-Drama. So, I pose a challenge.

  1. Name a drama where there is no second male lead.
  2. Name a drama where nobody ends up in the hospital for any reason. (And yeah, if you want to go historical or xianxia, instead of the hospital scene, I totally count any blood spitting for this category)
  3. (BONUS) Name a drama where the main couple don’t stare at each other for several seconds lovingly as a form of affection (or what one of my K-Drama loving friends likes to call “I love you in cat”)

Each is worth 10 points. Double points if you get 2/2. The bonus is worth 20 points. 10 extra points to the score if you manage to get 2/2 in the same drama. Double all the points if you get 3/3 in the same drama. (I’m making this up as I go, but obviously, it’s not about the points at all, just for the fun discussion. :joy:)

I’ll start us off with one answer:

  1. A drama where there is no second male lead - Beauty Inside
  2. I have yet to find one and I am looking forward to your answers.
  3. Uhhhh… That’s a staple.

(Full disclosure, I almost exclusively watch romances and so far I’ve watched K-Drama, C-Drama, and J-Drama for the most part, which is where I’m basing this on.)

Good luck and let’s have some fun! I’m looking forward to your answers!


Did you check these topics first? :nerd_face:


Ah, yes. I know these. I actually tried to play a couple of times, but I realized I was very bad at that particular game. I didn’t get a single one right or I had no clue. Hahaha! I hope to get one right by the picture at some point. But it was fun trying to take a guess at least. :joy:


I think this topic is completely different.
Those two are guessing the drama from a picture.
This one is about sentences and additionally it’s not about guessing one single drama, but writing all the ideas that fit the required category.

My answers:

  1. Tunnel (it doesn’t have romance of the main characters as the main topic)
  2. A-TEEN (it’s about school life so no hospitals, as far as I remember)
  3. Residential Complex? (I’m not sure, so I’d have to check tho)

I’ve been meaning to watch A-TEEN for a while now, so this totally bumps it up on my list! I will have to check the other ones out too. I’m definitely curious to see some “unicorns” that don’t have those particular favorite cliches. Hahaha! :joy:


1. 3 AM
3. 3 AM

  1. Name a drama where there is no second male lead.

And no, her ex-husband doesn’t count, since she is really done with that man.

  1. Name a drama where nobody ends up in the hospital for any reason. (And yeah, if you want to go historical or xianxia, instead of the hospital scene, I totally count any blood spitting for this category)

I can’t imagine having watched so many dramas, and at least one person gets shot, or hit by a car, faints, gets a diagnosis for whatever, tries to avoid prosecution while sitting in a wheelchair coming out of the hospital, gets an IV-drop, gets stitched up, gets bandaged, works there, finds out she is pregnant, or makes a visit to …

  1. (BONUS) Name a drama where the main couple don’t stare at each other for several seconds lovingly as a form of affection

Angry Mom, as far as I remember - can’t check there is no more license - for one she doesn’t acknowledge her admirer as in taking him serious, and second she is still married but it is not a love marriage. You can correct me if I am wrong.


I’m just going to update my own topic here just because I’ve finally found another!

  1. Kiss Goblin (Nobody ended up in the hospital! Hahaha! But somebody did get injured, so I’m not sure if it exactly counts. :joy:)

P.S. Did anyone else get the message from Viki about the new Games category we asked for and to move our game topics on there? Does anybody know how to do that? :smile:


I didn’t, but if the thread is not too old, you see a pencil behind the topic’s title. If you click on that, you can change the category.
If the pencil is not there, you can’t make changes anymore. In that case, only Viki can do it.


Hello, this post will drop a link to this thread, in the thread below. :wink: @staff would need to add the ongoing games, by moving them from one category to the other, such as from social to games, or discussion to games.



Ah, good to know. That’s why I couldn’t find it. In that case, I’ll let them know. They did ask if they should move it for me, but I just wanted to see if I could move it myself to make the process simpler. Thanks for letting me know! :smile:

  1. Descendants of the Sun (i think there was no 2nd ML, right?)
  2. what about Personal Taste, i can’t remember anyone ends in the hospital but it’s been so long since i watched it lol)

You might be right about Descendants. I only watched a couple episodes, but I don’t remember a 2nd ML and I do remember the characters actually liked each other from the get-go. Hahaha! I haven’t seen “Personal Taste”, but I’m interested in checking it out just for the no hospital scene now. I’d love to add a drama to my list where nobody gets hurt and/or ends up in the hospital to progress the plot. :joy: :joy: :joy:


Name a drama that does not portray “jealously” (which is usually just possessiveness) as cute.


I Have a Lover

Name a drama in which none of the characters knew each other in childhood.


I love this continuation! I’ll have to watch “I Have A Lover”, because I don’t really like the whole jealousy thing that they tend to do. :joy:

As for a drama where nobody knows each other from childhood… “Accidentally in Love”? I think. It’s been a while since I watched it. K-Dramas tend to do this more, I think, so for a K-Drama where that doesn’t happen… “Dali and Cocky Prince”? Technically, she did know her ex-fiance from earlier, but not since she was a kid, if I remember correctly. :joy:

Next challenge: Name a drama where the first kiss doesn’t happen smack in the middle of the drama, episode 8ish-9ish, usually. :joy:


I’ve 2 K-dramas, “the greatest love” & " touch your heart".


For dramas where the first kiss doesn’t happen in the middle (either earlier or later)…

I’m only counting kisses where both leads are conscious and it is intentional (vs accidental or fake in some way)

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btw this reminds me of the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: end of Backstreet Rookie.


Ohhh, right! “Backstreet Rookie” technically didn’t have one too! I think I may not have seen the drama when I set up the last challenge. I’m so used to watching episode 8 and going, “Oh, wait for it! Here’s the kiss!” Hahaha! :joy:

I recently watched “Because This Is My First Life” and I think we can add it to the list, if we disregard the “surprise kiss” at the beginning. The actual kiss happened later on, to my surprise at the time. Hahaha! :joy:

I thought about that one too. I think the one at the beginning doesn’t really count either.