Let's RE-WRITE those horrible sucky endings of shows


Spoiler - Yes - He does pop in and out but she narrates that makes her LOVE him more! She never knows when she will get to be with him!!! To me - Happy - Not Happy - Not so Happily Ever After is another thread I started - this one is that- But I’m going to re-write it when I have a moment.

Broken Ever Afters! Not Happily Totally

I forgot about that other thread with Not so Happy Ever Afters!
We have a list to REWRITE


Well. Scientifically speaking - Science Fiction - And I LOVE science and Science Fiction (I admit that I am a science geek) - plays off of the ‘what ifs’ of science. A lot of old sci-fi has come true so don’t discount it. :sunglasses:

  • Sci-Fi is based on real science … Think of a flat piece of paper. Draw a line from one star to another. That is analog travel. It takes light years to get from one star to another unless you have some method of getting there faster. Star Trek did it with warp speed. It still took a long time to get somewhere.

Wormholes are like a piece of paper that is folded. Put those two stars together and punch a hole between them. Now to through that hole. Wala! Instant travel to another star!

In My Love From The Star, I think I remember that the wormhole was tied into a pulsars’ cyclic phase so the wormhole access would go ‘on and off’ so to speak depending on the pulsars cycle. So anyone trying to hitch a ride through a wormhole is dependent upon that cycle.

What are pulsars?
What are wormholes -

Science geek out… :nerd_face:


I also like the sci-fi genre :sweat_smile: I especially love old sci-fi movies like Flubber and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang(if that one’s sci-fi)! They’re so much fun to watch, mainly because they use all the oldest tech but have ONE thing that we still don’t have in the present. Such stories really age well, in my opinion :smile:
I called MLFTS’ science nonsense because I was mad about them using weird excuses to keep them apart :joy:


Not to mention that even if the wormhole stuff is based on theoretical science, does that still explain how it dropped him specifically in her bed or ‘sucked’ him up directly from the red carpet, etc? Are wormholes that exact? And does he travel through them all on his lonesome with just the clothes on his back? That explanation still seems iffy at best.


No. :nerd_face: If a wormhole existed within the gravitational field of a solar system it would cause havoc. It would have to exist at least a parsec away, then you’d spend a year to get to the wormhole. - Boom! across the universe in an instant, then another year to get planetside. :rofl:

So this was more fantasy using science as a red herring.


Best use of wormhole technology: A show called Farscape on the Sci-Fi Channel way back when.


Yea. I started to watch it when we suddenly lost the channel. I never finished it.


I think it’s available on Prime if you have it and are interested. I really loved it.


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I’m still waiting for the changes in the ending of some dramas/shows.

I only see porkypine’s the temple one.


Oh yes, I thought about that the other day - not today but soon soon I have to do some rewatches so I remember what happened.


Ugh, the one ending I want rewritten the most is the one that still traumatizes me two years later, so I am not going back to watch it again. Therefore, I really can’t write a whole new ending in detail. Let’s just say FL wises up and realizes ML is actually a sociopath and traveling a path with him will only lead to heartache. At the same time, she finally understands that SML is the one who gets her the most and the one with whom she is most herself, so she retraces her steps and instead chooses the path not previously taken. Problem solved. I’m happy and my drama trauma never happened.

@angelight313_168 that’s the best I can do for that one, sorry. :blush: I’ll leave it to you to guess the drama it refers to, just for fun. :grinning:


It is a Throw the Laptop one! That a Mouse would love :cheese:



What was the title of the one you describe? I saw one like that but is Japanese


It’s Cheese in the Trap, the series.


I read the reviews so I didn’t watched that one. I’m glad now I didn’t.


Yeah, I watched it long before I learned my lesson about reading reviews before watching things. I could have saved myself the heartache too. And yet, it wasn’t a complete loss because it was the beginning of my love affair with Seo Kang Joon as an actor. :blush:


KangJoonie is worth the angst!


I’ve tried watching it, but the plot just kept getting more irritating so I stopped.
That guy was like a texbook example of a sociapath and somehow he was forgiven? Even tho he harmed people? I don’t know. It was weird.


remember Black? how it did a twist & turn, and esp at the ending? heres some hints for us to change some of those yucky endings we are talking about, so from frustrated writer, do your best/worst, lets pick one drama we all can agree on and change the ending, course we have to be careful of the infringment??? laws and all. so heres some tips


so lets see what we can come up with!!


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That’s the reason I feel some Asian writers are not worth our while. If we give viewership to stories that only bring us negativity, and such a terrible feeling, then we are catering to their sick mind. They are getting paid to continue to destroy our good mood and makes us UNHAPPY.

Yes, this types of dramas only brings out the worse in us emotionally and we don’t need that in our life. I have a list of writers that love to give dramas tragic endings so I take out my notebook and I make sure that writer had nothing to do with that story.

I refuse to watch dramas that don’t have a balance where we can smile after we cried, feel a rainbow come up after all that storm. The worst time to watch dramas with tragic endings or abusive men/women getting away with causing pain, destroying people’s morale, is NOW. This is not the time to add salt to the wound bc it will fester, rot, decay, and in the end will end up destroying killing our own happiness and upbeat self.

I beg everyone stop watching dramas that confuses you and makes you feel sad, and overall lost in this senseless painful story. NOT everything has to be rosy but we need to keep a balance and if that one story feels like a horrible nightmare is because it is.

Do read reviews, and that way you have a better chance to be prepared to what you’ll be watching in that drama, and it won’t affect you as much bc you had an idea of what was coming, but better yet, avoid anything that makes you too sad. Do it for: YOU.