Let's RE-WRITE those horrible sucky endings of shows


angelight313, thats a good idea too, so where do we get the list of those writers< MDL???

awesome!! the last paragraph, so reading reviews, ok will do that.



It’s suppose to be In the main page/ ABOUT/ Cover page. But some ppl. don’t add that info so…

I always goggle search the title of the drama, and is the easiest way, than going through some cover page that have too much info and is so much harder to find.


The Hero’s Journey is also a good way to conclude a story - believe it or not a lot of Chinese Dramas do NOT END PROPERLY! And some kdramas of course!


On MDL, ALL the information regarding that drama is listed. The writer and director are also listed so you can find all their works if you click on their picture.
The reviews are good, and the comments are also relevant. Between Viki and MDL you can get a good idea whther the drama is for you or not


Start Up. The ending wasn’t horrible but I would have preferred Suzy to end up with the second male lead. I was really disappointed.
Han Ji Pyung (Kim Seon Ho) was more charismatic than Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk).


ok y’all I got it


I do not like most of MDL reviews! Careful there are a lot of spoilers! I have really liked a lot of the dramas that MDL people call TOXIC - they drive me crazy sometimes! Jump off with reviews but you are the best judge of what you like - and what I love is we all don’t like the SAME ones! hahahahaha!


exactly. I make sure to avoid “reviews” that are like rants, where the writer is obviously enraged. Such people are usually irrational and whatever angered them is blinding them from giving a non-biased, levelheaded review. For example, I don’t leave reviews on dramas which contain my pet peeves, because I’m naturally very harsh when it comes to them. I look for reviews that use detail instead of only their opinions. “FL tends to act entitled and reacts to any criticism by screaming at people” is much better than “The FL is the WORST and very irritating. I wanted to slap her.” You can talk about how much you wanted to slap her in the comments, not the reviews.

See, this is why I spend more time on reviews than actually watching the drama :joy:


I’ve been known to do the same. And when I find a really well-written review here on Viki, I love to go to that person’s profile and read all their other reviews. I have found a really worthy drama or two just by doing this, that I otherwise probably would have never found. Sometimes reading reviews is my favorite way to pass time in between dramas or when something I’m watching has become boring.



Give us a version of your ending starting from when he comes back from the state after 3 years; that this FOOL had not made a move yet. She should have been married and expecting a baby from him in those long 3 years, but nothing had happened until the poor thing shows up to reclaim his love. lol



My tactic is I read the reviews with low points to see what they saw wrong in the drama. Many of this low ratings go…WHY, why he had to die??? I can assure you, I won’t watch that one hahahahaha.


I can’t remember enough to imagine another ending. Over the years, all that’s left is a bitter feeling when you think about these dramas with bad endings. :frowning:
For this drama, I will remember that the character played by Kim Seon Ho is his best role to date.


In order for that one to end up differently, I feel like things would have had to be changed from the beginning. He essentially lost as soon as he hired the other guy to pretend to be him and the one who wrote the letters.


What possessed him to do that? I still ask myself that to this day. The writer made the mistake of leaving that unanswered even at the ending bc he had 3 years to get back what he gave away.


I have no idea other than cowardice and that he still wasn’t ready to own up to his feelings. “You snooze, you lose” as they say, and nothing will wake you up faster than someone else swooping in.


But the idiot never woke up from the snooze. The guy gave him a good awakening moment (that walk towards her looking so almost perfect) lmao

The sockless shoes and high water pants was like ugh… Lo dañaste, nene. Chacho… ponte medias y baja el ruedo jajajajaja



Are you watching his cha cha cha one? I believe this is his first role as a ML?

I didn’t like the chemistry with FL and dropped it. I heard the ratings are going to the floor, but I had a feeling it was bound to happen.


Actually, the ratings were pretty amazing for a cable show. It got into the double digits. This last week saw a slight dip (potentially due to holiday) but still very high. Number one in its time slot across all channels, at least for target demographic.


Really? You can’t believe everything you read then.

PS I forgot to mention the show has a 3 star on (ntfx) which is extremely low in my opinion bc the lowest star has been a 4 but this one went down to 3. I didn’t rate it bc if I can’t say something nice i rather stay shut and move on to the next one.


Not yet. I’m waiting until all the episodes have aired.