Let's RE-WRITE those horrible sucky endings of shows


Yes, he is the ML. He is my favorite, so I will watch it anyway, but I will at least be prepared now.


Like @feyfayer wrote, the ending is what was expected to be, but being it was a ‘‘fictional’’ story; I didn’t see why it couldn’t be a different ending like they were also of different social class in [LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT]but yet they stayed together at the end. [MY ONLY LOVE SONG] had a wonderful perfect ending too. [HOMME FATALE] can have a Re-write story done to that sucky ending (in my personal opinion).

They start fine and ‘‘funny’’ but it dies dies down to a point, that is disappointing. I’m glad you are prepare for the worst, so that you end up loving it in the end. I wished I was forewarned about the ending.


I went to look and found out he’s from 2pm Band, and he did [WOK OF LOVE], which I liked but didn’t recognize him in [Homme Fatale] bc of all those traditional attire that they wear for those types of dramas.


The rules are different for royalty :wink:
But I understand your point :smile:



HER BEST ROLE IS: here at PLEASE; do Watch. It’s an Awesome captivating and funny drama. Nice combo.

Tale of Arang


아랑 사또전, Arang: Magistrate’s Chronicle, Ghost of Arang, legend of Arang, Arang and the Magistrate

2012PG-1320 episodes



Can we just talk about The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love ?
-Why on earth did he lose all his memories upon being reborn as a human instead of a fox? The minute he sees her again, it should’ve all come back to him and THAT acknowledgment wouldn’t even been acceptable over the ending it had.
-Also, the second lead guys in that show definitely deserved a better ending than giving up their human forms just to give back to their leader (who doesn’t even remember them!).



I dropped that drama once the episodes started to get me angry, and I’m glad I did. I knew the ending was going to suck big time since I FEEL Chinese writers have a ‘‘suffering writing syndrome.’’

Unless they make ME a viewer feel like sh** and be CRYING non stop, they don’t feel they are good writers, is it that so? I can count with my fingers the few Chinese drama that had a decent ending (they always manage to first kill half of all the characters) or separate the lovers into oblivion/loneliness. They need to change the old writers, and get more modernized writers (MY personal opinion). It’s no use in recommending Chinese dramas to me since what I like; is very limited. Ironically, what I DID liked had tragic endings, separations, unfair death to some characters etc…:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:


I’m also going to add Splash Splash Love to this list.
-There was just something missing at the end there. I desperately wanted to see them together in real time.
-Also, did he recognize her? Did she recognize him? It’s implied that they did, but who knows? Such an open-ended finale that I just screamed and jumped out of my seat and cursed the writers for not giving us the ending viewers passionately waited for.


I’m going to say this probably applies to most of the Chinese ancient/fantasy/gods & goddesses type of dramas I’ve attempted to watch. Maybe it’s cuz the drama just gets to be too much for me to handle? Or the perpetual needs to make situations complicated? Or the ancient Chinese references I don’t get (because hello! USA here!)?


I would disagree a little bit on the take that Cdrama writers only know how to make viewers suffer because I’ve watched a good amount of Cdramas that had perfectly lovely and acceptable endings, and this is true for historical dramas as well as modern dramas. Maybe the more current stuff has moved in the direction of happy endings - not always as happy as I maybe would want but certainly not unhappy or tragic endings.

There are a number of dramas that have endings that come across as ‘happy’ at first glance but that seem to be missing something. Just because the two actors who play the leads end up together in the end does not mean that they are the actual ‘couple’ we were investing in and rooting for throughout the drama, so it feels a little flat in those scenarios.

There is actually a thread about these types of endings:


They personally made me suffer with the endings they gave to the dramas/movies I watched so far. I just finished a Chinese movie that left me AGAIN heartbroken. Anyway, I’m done with Chinese dramas and movies. I can guarantee you, that no matter how much anyone says they have a good ending ,I won’t watch a Chinese drama bc I know better.

I respect your opinion, and I hope you respect mine, although I generalized the sentence ‘‘Chinese writers have a sufferings writing syndrome’’ it wasn’t meant as Everyone has to feel that way. Maybe… I should have written the whole post in the ''me/myself and I person. I Will do that now.


It’s okay, I think we all understand that any post written by someone is written from their point of view and expresses their opinions only. At least that’s true for me. I know how you feel about unhappy endings, and you know that I am right there with you, so I just wanted to give you hope that there were Cdramas out there that completely satisfied me and hoped that you might not write off all Cdramas. But that’s obviously your choice, and I definitely respect it.


I promise you that I am new to C-dramas! And I have FALLEN MADLY IN LOVE! They have the best cinematography - have you watched My Little Happiness or Love is Sweet! There are some with wonderful endings -

I hope you won’t write them off also! I have jumped deep into them like with Long Ballad! It isn’t over yet but I have loved it - the main couple is not the best romance - but the 2 main lead couple is my favorite couple EVER now!!! so ADORBS!

Hope you can find your way back someday!!!



I loved [Splash Splash Love] for several reasons; the actress is really good in all her roles, and the ML is great, too. So I was all PREPARED for the chemistry there and love, but sadly I knew the ending was not going to be what I wanted to be.

There was no way they could give us the whole 9 yards of good drama bc in reality they wanted to do a second season, but like always, it always falls down to [Never Happening]

I have several dramas waiting for the continuation of PART2 Like: Family Gu Book (has other titles now) We also have ‘Hwayugi’! or now is called KOREAN ODYSSEY. VAGABOND my all time favorite bc it had my two fave actors but we won’t see part 2 any time soon bc of the virus and travelling.

This has been such a a heartbreak for me bc of the ‘‘no closure’’ part. GREAT DRAMAS! KICKED to the curb, no second part in sight…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


sadly this show is not available for my region :sob: :sob:




They have it here but I have no idea what language quality is not too good either.


This is why I check the reviews like CRAZY before watching my dramas! I also disagree about cdramas always having crappy endings because I’ve watched a lot of really really good ones. You could ask about a drama and I could research it for you!

Ashes of Love is an epic historical drama that ended quite satisfyingly. Oh! My Sweet Liar!, The Imperial Coroner, and Maiden Holmes are all historical cdramas that had very good endings.

In modern dramas:
My Little Happiness was a drama that had one of the most satisfying endings I’ve EVER witnessed. The whole drama was really fluffy and romantic, with very little angst. Weddings and babies AHHHH what more could I ask for? :heart:

You Are My Hero was another REALLY good drama. I never thought it could actually hold its ground against DOTS but it did. Wonderful drama with wonderful acting.

The Bond is a heartwarming family drama that actually got me interested in Korean foly dramas, too. The family bond was beautiful and the whole thing was very realistic. You actually seem to grow with the characters. The production quality was AHMAZING. And the OST is one of my all time favorites.


Turkish, I guess



Thanks! Yes, is Turkish. I don’t know why I didn’t used the Google translate that detects the language (although I had my share of wrong language detected by the GT).


About Ashes of Love… I didn’t really like it.
I am probably on my own in this opinion, but I can only handle so many misunderstandings and plot twists and secrets. Does no one think to communicate with the ones they truly love? Granted, she had no clue what love was in that show (and I just don’t understand the mother’s thoughts on that one), but still, did she really have to kill him like that? And then the regret…and then the magical reincarnation…and just too many realms to keep track of. Ashes of Love just didn’t set well with me.