Lifting regional restrictions for QC volunteers

I would really appreciate that they lift all regional restrictions for volunteers.
It’s a minimum token of appreciation for our hard work.
Yes, they give us a Vikipass (plus if they are in America) which is necessary if we can’t watch something we also can’t access the subbing tools and work on it.
But there are more and more shows we cannot watch because of geo-blocking. What happens then is that those don’t have enough team members and the subtitles are excruciatingly slow. The viewers get angry and some cancel or not renew their subscriptions. So, to skimp on something for the volunteers, Viki actually loses money and creates discontent.

I made a post on “Viki ideas” about that. If you think it’s a reasonable request, please come and upvote it by clicking the little upward-looking arrow at the right of the post.

NOTE: Although comments are more than welcome, just replying and saying “I agree” or things like that does not count as a vote. Only clicking on the arrow counts as a vote.


I feel like most Kdramas I’d like to watch because of its topic are blocked for me, so I’d really appreciate if your suggestion would be implemented.


Wow, 68 votes and counting! The Italian community has come strong as well…
July 1st: 1453 votes !!! The year of the fall of Constantinople. Will it be the number which makes the wall of restrictions fall?

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It used to be that when viki first started getting licenses which had regional restrictions, they were able to negotiate for worldwide access for all QC’s. We would be told the licensed area and it invariably included QC’s worldwide.
Then, all of a sudden, when a drama, licensed for Europe only, was regularly getting subbed, our North American subbers suddenly lost access and the viki staff apologized and said the content provider was not allowing worldwide QC access. I think that was because Dramafever had the North American license and was complaining. But Dramafever is no more, so I don’t know why viki can’t start getting world wide access for QCs to work on the drama.
When there was no North American license, a K drama would not get subbed because most of the Korean to English subbers reside in North America, and more specifically in the US. At one point, I had less then ten subbers who were excellent subbers to English who did not reside in the US, but they rarely participated in subbing because they are busy people. And it’s really foolish for viki to even spend the money getting a license if a drama can’t be subbed to English, because English is the basis for subbing of all other languages at viki.


Not only is it a reasonable request, it’s also an excellent one. Upvoted! (last count = 83 :kissing_closed_eyes:)

Indeed. Why, Viki? Would one of you please enlighten us? Or perhaps, please reconsider this request?

With the closure of DF, viewers are getting more and more demanding and impatient, and volunteers are being “thrown rotten eggs”. (Sometimes, I can’t fault the impatience, but definitely a “No” for rudeness, esp. profanity). The most detrimental outcome is the departure of volunteers, esp. the good, experienced ones.

Another ripple effect, food for thought although somewhat OT: If viewers can’t come to Viki (due to the unavailability of subtitles), a legal platform, to feed their drama addiction, what do you think they would do? Stop watching? Not a chance! Where do you think they would go? To VPN providers and pay more dough which many aren’t able to afford more of? Perhaps, to a small extent. Mostly, they would go to unlicensed, illegal and pirated sites, no less. No wonder there’s been a rise of such offerings.
Frankly, I can’t fault some of these sprouting up since they are mostly fans helping other fans by providing links rather than actually (and illegally) uploading videos for their commercial purposes.


Well, it makes “some” sense. If I had paid for the American license and another website was allowing hundreds - maybe thousands? - of its users to also see it in America, I could see it as stealing potential customers from me. And even if DF is no more, these licenses are the property of others like KC or NF.
If this is the case, and they reply that their hands are tied, a compromise - not one I would like, of course - would be to AT LEAST make an exception for the QCs actually working on the drama. This would have the added bonus for Viki that volunteers would RUSH to work on that drama in order to be able to view it, so it would be subbed lightning-quick.

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Just licensed
Due to license, there are some restrictions.
Many won’t be able to watch | volunteer so…
Hope help come their way only…


QC worldwide restrictions should be DEFINITELY lifted.
DF is gone. Let’s get back to how it was before or else…
Expect some chaos and rants…
Fighting to the Team!


Upvoted & followed :slight_smile:
Thank you for the post.
Hope are words are heard | read somehow.


Did the Viki Team release a notice or something, about which dramas are now being restricted? The dramas I had access to, suddenly became restricted

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No, it’s still in progress (the system for notification which dramas lose license/becoming restricted).

Recently many older dramas aren’t available anymore and fans just realized it while they suddenly were unable to watch it or when they checked their old watch list/were volunteers for certain dramas.

Wow that’s crazy. I thought they would at least notify the CM’s, like they have in the past :frowning:

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@irmar upvoted and followed as well. 173 upvotes so far. Let us see, will viki listen to us?

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Upvoted and followed. This issue is not only affecting a QC’s ability to view such shows, but is now impacting our ability to train new segmenters who wish to volunteer. The only Japanese-language drama available to the Ninja Segmenting Academy for training is now restricted, and students are left unable to continue their training. @tish_afi has mentioned the difficulty in finding an available Japanese drama for training in Seg 101 as well. Right now we’re on hold until this can be resolved.


How can I upvote here?


Du musst auf den Link klicken, den sie im ersten Post erwähnt hat (in der Box). Das Voten geht nur beim Blogpost.

ah. danke dir

All those restrictions really make me sad.
I have a channel which is only licensed to s few countries, reached out to Viki for help quite a few times but no response.

And I bump into restrictions when I want to watch a Kdrama way to much and I’m someone who prefers to watch things legally.

Right now this is licensed for me according to the TV guide. Can someone from the US tell me what is missing for me so I know what’s on Viki but not my region?

Monday & Tuesday:

  1. Brave to Love (Taiwan)
  2. Blowing in the wind (China)
  3. The secret life of my secretary (kdrama)
  4. My True Friend (China)

Wednesday & Thursday (some only air on one of those days)

  1. WJSN After school club (variety)
  2. Showbiz Korea (variety)
  3. Pops in Seoul (music)
  4. Please take care of my refrigerator (variety)
  5. The Wind Blows (Kdrama)
  6. Legend of Phoenix (china)
  7. Blowing in the wind (china)
  8. Angel’s Last Mission: Love (kdrama)
  9. Absolute Boyfriend (kdrama)
  10. Search:WWW (Kdrama)
  11. The Legends (China)
  12. My True friend (china)
  13. Try it (variety)
  14. Ask Us Anything (variety)
  15. Listening to Snow Tower (china)


  1. Simply K-pop (music)
  2. Showbiz Korea (variety)
  3. Pops in Seoul (music)
  4. My Mad Beauty 3 (variety)
  5. Legend of Phoenix (China)
  6. Blowing in the wind (china)
  7. The Legends (china)
  8. Before we get married (Taiwan)


  1. Blowing in the wind (china)


  1. Blowing in the wind (china)
  2. History 3: Trapped (taiwan)

And from next week on we have a Thai drama added to the schedule on monday and tuesday: Fleet of Time

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And the whole thing with Kocowa is a bit confusing. Sometimes we can watch them and sometimes we can’t. And then we can work on them like normal and then they come presegged and presubbed and are managed by Viki staff etc.


US - Access Not Restricted

US - Restricted Access
Not within your list but I’m sure there are.

Btw, lately, I’ve bumped into many channels (including some of the above) with the RA at the top right corner. But the episodes were still accessible when I clicked on them to check. It seems to be a bug (though it could also be a change of licensing status) because I don’t see that RA today, in some channels I’ve seen before.

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Lately the dramas that had the RA message before but were still available are now blocked for me. So sad that it wasn’t a bug :frowning:

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News. We got an official reply. Of course it doesn’t really say anything. Just that they are acknowledging and looking into it.

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