Live walks to different part of the world- Share yours here


La Guardia Airport? Nice… :heart::heart::heart::ok_hand:


Take a edited fun walk in
#NYC’S #CentralPark
Courtesy via: Whitneybae Vlogs

I’d suggest she do a DIY on that yoga mat, and turn it into something she can throw on her back, like when going hiking. She’ll need some kind of sturdy, but soft cord, to keep it on as a low riding backpack, and a bag belt to lock it in place around her hips, or just get a yoga mat bag.


oh gosh.i had so much fun subbing her videos in spanish here at viki. i loved when she was in Korea her videos were so funny. u know where she lives here in ny?


Only based on her videos, she may stay somewhere between midtown to downtown.

I hope no one actually tries to invade her private life. It’s so easy to do, as she’s not Bey, & J-Z who can afford Park Ave🤑

Living in :kr: seemed to have it’s not so welcome challenges. I just got off watching Skycedi’s video, who is currently living in :kr:


She’s not from here (NY city) though bc: who gets lost in Central Park? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

She also does side dishes like in SK. Kept their eating habits.

You’re right about that; they do give hard time to ppl just for having a tan. I don’t know how ppl can be so rude like that.


:laughing: I laughed at that too, her getting lost, but hey! It happens :smile::joy:

She has some more beautiful scenery videos, of her up, and about in #NYC on this same channel.

This wasn’t my focus, but it does factor in, although others I watch living there, says it’s improved vastly, since decades ago:

I more meant like finding your clothing size, and hair products, and for those big into make-up that too.

Is it just me, or was she into :heart_eyes: william her dance teacher, and buddy back in :kr:


I remember she went through a lot in SK and one time she even made me cry bc of an incident that happened to her, but I haven’t watched her videos for a few years now. I’ll watch them later on bc I’m getting ready to bed have an early start tomorrow.


You too! 잘가! 밤!


Yesterday, last day in April, the queue at the Post Office in Queens #NYC. It sure feels weird when the majority makes you feel towering. :joy:

Yup! even on the threads, you get to go to the post office :rofl: hey, on those walks too!
Gang, I’ve tried recording while walking, but it would make you dizzy.



I wanna GO! Korea is so beautiful!


This is a dream place to visit. If you have a chance go visit. I have sea water from this beach and is clearly beautiful.

ALSO was here rode about 9 times Harry Potters ride

This was an awesome experience I lived many times

GOT on this RIDE way too many times


Those last two thumb nail though :scream:

You kept the beach water :laughing: :ocean: how cute.
However, I read that some countries, in Europe will fine you, and lock you in jail/prison for removing the sand on the beach. Shocking isn’t it? Yet, their reasoning was reasonable, of which I can’t recall in detail at the moment.


Not in Clearwater Beach. The sand is white and precious and they sell this bottles that you can fill them with sand beach and seashells you may find. I brought 5 bottles back, 3 of them from my grandkids that they made especially for me. I treasure them!


Nice! :blush::blush::blush: sweet memories :beach_umbrella:



I also went to South Beach, Miami when it was decent to go to bc I heard now is really not so nice to visit and high crime. I went back around 2013. Is gorgeous at nightime and the drinks so delish…

Wento to this aquarium

Also went here with my kids and saw…


Hi Gang!
For those who haven’t been to the “Thoughts For Us To Ponder” :yarn: thread :thread: here’s a double post up!

Enjoy great scenery, and great views from Jamaica!! :jamaica: :sparkles::wink::+1:t5:
Health is Wealth!
Is this even possible!?! \(◎o◎)/?
Man avoids drinking :sweat_drops: water :sweat_drops:
for 40 years :exploding_head:


Eu queria estar na primavera da Coreia do Sul:


Ok the weather is nicer now, right? Waiting to see Finland through your camera/eyes. I didn’t forget. lol