Live walks to different part of the world- Share yours here


Me too - waiting patiently


Actually it can’t decide if it want’s to rain or not. Need to figure it out


You are so mean :disappointed: :sob:

Just kidding. It’s ok if you don’t want to do it…:smiley:


This is on my bucket list but look you can walk through on video


Peru :grinning:! That’s one get-a-way, high up in the mountains.


I have to GO


But when tho’? :smile:
Is it a choice between K-drama’s
dream country Korea, and Peru?





:rofl::rofl: another shocking revelation! :joy:
Neither is Peru! :joy:
btw: this is moi, again! :woman_shrugging:t5: :heartpulse: heart’s still beating tho’

Hey! I just got out! :joy:

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Maybe Seo In Guk would like to go to Peru with me to see Machu Picchu! DOOM needs a VACA:star_struck:


아! 진짜! Aah! Jinjja!!
What are you doing to LJS? 제발! Jebal!


If you ever have a chance visit Switzerland’s Alps, I haven’t yet visited the Jungfraujoch, my mom and my daughter did. I would like also to cross the longest single suspension bridge (made of steel) in the World!


This bridge is stuff of dramas!!
All that’s missing is the wooden planks.
Be sure to wear a parachute, or glider’s suite.
Having a back-up cannot hurt anyone :sparkles::wink::+1:t5:
Neat first video too! Definitely for the physically young.


Are you in heart jail again! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


Yup I was, spent three hours in this time :rofl::laughing: I’m out again like Will Smith in Prince of BelAir :rofl:


Well even older Generation will go for these challenges, my mom crossed the bridge when she was 78 and visited the Junfraujoch glacier with my daughter at 77 so if you still feel fit anyone can do it, I think the bridge I will put on my bucket list before I die :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it must be an exhilarating feeling when you cross over… almost perhaps maddening :wink:

That said this year Switzerland experienced a lots of accidental deaths of hikers, climbers and cave explorers, the weather has been also crazy, avalanches and mudslides… there is less snow in the mountains and glaciers are melting…:disappointed_relieved: - global warming or just natural cycle… it is still pretty and awesome!

This hike would be awesome too, Lake Oeschinen (Oeschinensee), did you noticed :joy: the young man is wearing the FC Barcelona Rakuten T-shirt, Rakuten is a (investment) partner of the soccer club, you can see the logo if you scroll down on Viki’s page :laughing:


The A-m-A-z-I-n-G things people do at any age, back in 1996/7, I was spending time in Key West FL, my then supervisor who was such a dainty person, she went, and parachuted out of a plane :small_airplane: for her 50th :birthday: Birthday!

Rakuten . . .Lots of sponsorship on travel videos.
:speaking_head:Sponsor the Viki fans :speaking_head::loudspeaker: on a S. Korea seasonal trip! It would be :exploding_head: mind-blowing if this happened :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Now that would be a great perk! (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)(◕ᴗ◕✿)
Especially for the volunteers!


A little walk in the garden - some from last year! :two_hearts:




One of the most beautiful hidden gems