Live walks to different part of the world- Share yours here


where i live what I see…join me/


A walk at the River! :lock:


the river by you has love locks?


We have a walking bridge over a river near us that also has love locks on it. :heart::lock:


Yes, In Cologne I took a lot of photos of the bridge with all the locks when I was in Germany! There way more locks now than was before at the river!



I thought I had pics, but they must be on my hubby’s phone. I really loved the ‘family’ locks that would have one large lock for the mom and dad, and then little baby locks attached to the big one for each kid. They are so sweet.


Oh that is what that was - I didn’t look close but there were some of those! This is a wedding photographers dream place and engagement photos so they probably do a lock at that time also.


Just saw this video, so had to post it with a walking tour :blush:
Been to Keukenhof (the park) and have walk all along the farms around it. We used to go to a different part of the tulip route each year, except for the last 2 years.

The way she pronounces the names is funny though :laughing:


Thanks for sharing!