Live walks to different part of the world- Share yours here


@kdrama2020ali That’s just a gorgeous view and experience! I did once with my friends a 2 hours trail ride on mules in the mountains of Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas and we saw quite often wild horses or donkeys, the view was awesome.

I’m sharing another interesting visiting point, it was superlative for my eye at 10’000 feet heights I saw this moonlike landscape, there are hiking trails but on your own risk, some will drive up around 4 am to watch the sunrise if there are no clouds it must feel like reaching Nirvana :slight_smile: :pray:
Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii


Went to see this with a group of family members.

We stuffed our mouth at Hershey Chocolate Factory

We went through this wonderful experience too. If you are in the area during christmas season don’t miss this.


This is just gorgeous!


CONEY ISLAND. I’ve gone to Coney Island since I was a toddler and love the Beach and all the rides. Specially spook a rama. It’s better at night time.

One of my fave too.

The rides love em and got on all them


Kyoto Japan missing the tourist without ppl. We don’t know what we have until we loose it…

KYOTO before the pandemic.

24 Hours in Kyoto | Japan’s Best Monkey Park


I have been to White Sands and slid down the white hills on a disk

I have been here also


The music in this one is so RELAXING!


I so want to go to Nova Scotia


Look at this one is so nice to see things to get to know other stuff😊

Hotel but never talk about prices. NO BEDS??? Crazy lol


I have friends there I so want to go visit and then jump to S Korea and Jeju!


Hey, you watched that video too :smile: I was enchanted by the hotel.
We did look up the hotel and the prices and we concluded that we could use that money for other fun activities if we went to Japan :rofl::sweat_smile: