Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


secret love, heal me kill me, healer, the scent of a woman, color of a woman, fireworks marriage contract, the entertainer, I fell in love with Its ok that’s love, big man, protect the boss, ,Another oh hae young, this one was so mysterious, loved it! well I will put drunken to love you, fated to love you( both of them)
masters sun,go fight ghost, signal,atellier yeah neighborhood lawyer, and the neighborhood hero, my love from the star, tunnel, ghost, sign, 10, king of dramas, that newer one I hope I get the name right, Ryo heart , both Chinese & Korean were fantastic, I understand there will be a second season of this I hear your voice, who are you, and so many more!!



Can We Get Married


Que Sera Sera


Coffee Prince

A Love To Kill

Miss Ripley

My Love Eun Dong

Tomorrow With You

All In

Bad Guy

Pink Lipstick

Doctor Crush

Love Rain

Queen In Hyun’s Man

City Hunter

Personal Taste

Gentleman’s Dignity

She Was Pretty

Secret Garden


I don’t have ideas but you can find some answers on groups of kdramas created on social medias, there are many experts ont he subject over there.


they had some hot scenes in the first episode…too bad the Soo Ae didn’t have that kind of chemistry with Kim Young-Kwang in Sweet Stranger and Me since I know he is a great kisser and hot


Watcha Wearin is a movie, but fits your discription


I liked Secret Love Affair! Went back and watched it again after Chicago Typewriter


Secret Love Affair is my favorite drama.


Not gonna lie, I’ve replayed that scene so many times. OMG its steamy


“Because This Is My First Time” is another mature K-drama.


When a man loves
Secret love affair
Its okay thats love


I think what she means by mature content is something sexy. We need some romance with hot kissing, love scenes. Not so much mature contect as in grown up stories only.


We need something sexy with some passion like coffee prince.


Some really great dramas to add to the list:

Valid Love
On the Way to the Airport
Chicago Typewriter
In Time with You (There is a Taiwanese version and a Korean. The Taiwanese one is my favorite!)
Mystery Queen (Really great, give it a chance!)
(The last two are thrillers, but super great!)


if you are looking for dramas with actors over 65 in them then watch Dear My Friends …90% of the cast is over 65 since it is about lifelong friends and their life stories…and it also has Jo In Sung, Shin Sung-Woo and Ko Hyun-Jung as the younger cast members …you will need Kleenex since it will make you cry but it is also funny and has a little romance


Try Faith (The great doctor) with Lee Min Ho. It’s one of my favorites.


You may be able to add Hwayugi to this list. I mean it isn’t as prevalent but there is more there. Plus, Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won are phenomenol together in any drama! Suspicious Partner with Ji Chang Wook.


Misty has some hot scenes


How about Oh my Venus? I think that the actors are mature and the fact that it resembles real life scenarios will make you want to watch it, based on what you’re asking for.


I started a collection with all of the dramas that have “solid” kisses and more ahem mature romantic scenes

For what it’s worth!


I think you could like Miss Korea, it’s a cosmetic company about to bankrupt that decides to root for miss Korea with the old love of the boss, who lives in a poor conservative family and has a shitty job.

Another happy ending: a divorced woman is trying to find love again and after meeting an old friend, both get super drunk and get married (that’s not a spoiler, it’s ep1) It’s very funny, the end is a bit cheesy though.

Twelve men in a year : A journalist decides to sleep with a man of each zodiac sign in a year I loved that the topic was sex, but same in the end it was pretty cheesy, still liked it though!

Age of Youth: the characters are all in their 20s but there are mature topics as abusive relationships and they have mature humor; at some point they organise a “penis party” ^^ this scene was so funny. Very realistic one.

I loved My PS partner! I watched Red Carpet recently, it’s about a porn company and expected it to be sassy and adult humor but was disapointed, it has funny scenes but is a classical rom-com, not so subversive.

But maybe in movies they are more free to put adult stuff because the audience is different?
I watched The Handmaiden and was really chocked by the sex scenes (I warn you it’s raw sex and there is also some violence), I wasn’t expecting it from a recent korean movie ^^
It’s a thriller/drama/romance so off-topic but a really beautiful movie, One of the best I’ve seen in a long time, I highly recomand.