Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


you are most welcome

you can also check given link below about the Korean dramas i am following. Maybe you like some more and get to know if any of them you have not seen before. you may see it.

Other types are also present, I normally see Korean (mostly), Chinese (mostly) and Japanese (few if have time or if drama is too good with good cast) …:heart:

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did you check the this user recomendation @ OrionsRamblings.

you can also see my listings if you like. firstly, i would like to recommend you “Oh my Venus”
and Personal Prefence (lee min ho). you can also chose from this post list
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Newest entry is When A Snail Falls In Love. Why this one? Because it is engaging and well photographed, has the “mature theme” all day long, and (slight spoiler here) this is an action drama nicely wrapped around a love story, with a plot that keeps getting thicker as it goes. At episode 12 right now and this is just getting better!


OK! i will definitely see it


In the series My Incomplete Life or Miseang, there is a character who is outstanding as a sales manager to our lead character Jang Geu-Rae. He shows up in the Kdrama Memory as an attorney. He is outstanding, and so is this series (on Ep. 8 right now). Of course, good actors show up repeatedly in dramas. In this one, fans of Heard it Through the Grapevine will recognize the teacher that was brought in to help. He is one of my favorites. After your favorites show up, you start feeling like “this is going to be a good one!”

For those of you who are fans of mature dramas, you have hit the jackpot with this one. No spoilers, ok, so here is what is outstanding about this one. First, you don’t get the compelling part of what drives this thing right away, like in any good story. Then, you start to. By then, you are hooked. Check out Memory on Viki. You won’t be disappointed.


He was also great in Golden Time. I think this was the first drama where he was the lead.


Going to look that one up now. Thanks!


This review of Golden Time - is it accurate, in your opinion? I like the part about the rise of LSM…

Apr 19 2016 8:16 pm
Very good drama. Good pacing not many boring episodes Kudos to the director, writer and main actor. Lead actress was weak perhaps due to inexperience her later works are much better. Here though this actress basically fill up eye candy department only and to make the main lead actor look good. This is also the show that marks the rise of Lee Sung Min as a high caliber character actor and which Misaeng solidifies. Very recommended drama that is worth your time.


I know what you mean, “mature” romance dramas would be:

  • Something about 1 percent (though cant find it on viki :frowning: )
  • Lie to me
  • City Hall
  • My name is kim sam soon
  • Its alright, This is love

I would say these have very good chemistry (between main leads) the kiss scence look “real” and the topics are also as realistic as possible in K Dramas :slight_smile:


I actually liked the lead actress in Golden Time, because she was not as hyper as she normally is in other romantic dramas. It was one of those “mature” dramas that dealt with real problems in the medical field. Even though it’s not a romantic drama, but it was not boring at all. I really enjoyed watching it.


You should watch Another oh hae young, Please come back mister, Its okay its love.


YUS, this is accurate. Skinship for days.


I didn’t see Little Mom Scandal mentioned. It had 2 seasons which is good since season 1 didn’t resolve anything. As the name suggests it revolves around a teen pregnancy. But its really more about the characters involved. It was unlike any K-Drama I have seen in it’s frank portrayal of young, (High School age) women as sexual beings.And even the pregnancy is treated seriously, but not as life ruining.


My PS partner is 19+ but it’s a movie.


Ji In Sung made me cry several times in Dear My Friends, It’s Okay It’s Love and That Winter the Wind Blows but he is also one of the best kissers and romantic men in k-dramas so anything with him… Third Way of Love (with Song Seung and his real life fiance), Addicted (with Byung Hyun Lee), Servant, Heaven’s Postman, Robber and Mask


It’s not a drama but a movie call " the servant" you will see in commentary section 2 points of view: pure art or disgusting. I saw this movie and think “wow first sexual joke i ever heard in Korean” their is a REAL bed scene and i don’t know, i like it with a beautiful romance but in the end i was " what did i just saw ?" XD. But for drama ummm " i order you ? " their kiss/ Skinship and everything seems real as fuck


It’s Ok Thats Love, for me its totally mature topic and great story


wow! look at this, and I was so curious I was going to ask the question about mature people watching these dramas! I do know this is an old link but I am going to try and see if anyone responds!
Being this was A 2013 discussion,that is. are there any people older than 65 watching these dramas? and why can’t Viki( DF,Netflix,Hulu, etc) direct some dramas toward some of the older people? Don’t get me wrong, love the dramas, love the actors and actresses too. But just wondering, is there any other than grandpa over flowers? some of the older actors & actresses, sorry couldn’t tell you their names, some portrayed patriarches, martriarches in various dramas. a mystery, sci fi yeah even history. like I said just wondering…So yeah looking for a bit more mature not just Kdramas, but the rest too.


yes they were very good dramas also heal me kill me, jekle,hyde & me,healer,
you mentioned city hall, pride and predjice was an ok one. the city hunter was good I watched the four you mentioned again this past month. scent of a wonam, take care of the boss, big man, theres a few more I did like that was what I was looking for. thanks


I am relatively new to the world of Kdramas but I definitely do not get the kiss with pursed lips and open eyes. I have really enjoyed the acting, the music, skinship… everything in
The World That They Live In
Another Oh Hae Young.
It’s Ok That’s Love
Something about 1%
Marriage Contract
Also, these ones are not a series but rather movies called
**A Man And A Woman, **
**My PS Partner and **
Individualist Ms. Ji Young.