Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


It’s “Whatcha Wearing”.


Who knew that when Dudie started this thing back in 2013 that it would still be going! Seems like through all the years and all the postings, we have a clear winner on what Dudie really meant by her comments. Did she mean more skinship or more serious plots and such?

After reading her original post, the clear winner is BOTH. Other winners include all of us who keep this going by putting our skinship favorites and our serious plots and stories on the string. I keep adjusting my top 5. Of course, Secret Love Affair, (stuck on Kim Hee Ae) is right up there at the top - with Misaeng in the mix, too. One has a lot of love going on plus drama and the other has a lot of deep drama but is relatively skin free. If you want to see my list, which includes Heard it Through the Grapevine, Midas, and That Winter the Wind Blows, it is in the string.

What’s new? Something in the Rain, on Netflix, has us all wrapped up with no way out at the moment. Episode 8 is where we are, and you should know that this one has both the love and kisses AND the plot drama. Losing sleep over this one. Can’t these Koreans stop with all the drama and just get it together? Let’s hope not since it seems Koreans are really good at telling stories and we are really good at watching how they tell them in dramaland.

Thanks Dudie, we needed this!


Here is a partial list from 2016, but it is mostly short films that fit the definition. These all appeared on Viki but may not appear there anymore.
Sometimes, an Adrama just needs to be a short film instead of a series. Try these and see if they work for you. Mature, yes, and sexy too.

Beijing Love Story
Chong Qing Love Story
Qing Dao Love Story
Truth or Dare
The Library


Here’s a short list of what might be mature ADrama’s. What makes them mature is that they make adults feel like they can see themselves in the plot and the writing as the adults that they are - not the adults they were when they were about 18. Anything against 18? Nope. Here are some of my picks.

My Lawyer, Mr. Jo
A Wife’s Credentials
My Love Eun Dong
Second To Last Love 1 and 2 (top 3)


Argh! I LOVED this drama until episode 11. I really really loved it. I smiled all the way and it comforted me, I waited for the quiet time in the evening when I would gently finish my day watching this and ensuring a peaceful sleep.
But then it went down the drain. It started becoming more and more frustrating, and the writers decided to murder the main girl’s character, making her someone whom you want to slap to death.
I am not alone in thinking this. At the site where I was watching it, which has to remain unnamed, but has a very lively chatting community of commenters, we all agreed on that. And many of us gave up on the drama. I personally have a fixation on finishing what I’ve started, and this is one of the very few I have abandoned after ep.13. I say to myself that I must watch episodes 14-15-16 but I just cannot bring myself to do it. Although I know it has a good ending, because I watched the last ten minutes of the final episode to make sure, still I don’t want to go through the useless and fake obstacles the writers came up with to fill up screen time, because they were out of ideas and had to create some drama to keep things “interesting”. Ugh!
I am more angry because I loved it so much until then. Just as I was angry at W.


Hello irmar. I was on Nancy’s computer so it shows her name. This is kirbservc_732 from a while back when we were tapping back. We just finished the drama, and I have to tell you that I agree with you. Especially the references to “down the drain” and the main character making you want to “slap her to death.”

We were so up on this drama. We were saying things like “You wanna get back to our people?” which means “Let’s check in on these people” when we wanted to get into the story again. We did watch it to the end, and I think that you did the right thing because there isn’t just a lull in the action, there are plot-driven and writer-driven elements that made us both frustrated and downright angry. Had to go out and get ice cream, pet a puppy, and stare at rainbows to get past it…


Aaaargh! Then it was as I feared, alas. Thanks for letting me know - and confirming what other people have been saying.


Saw a couple of short films that are very entertaining. This one is not well subtitled, but it is worth watching anyway:
5 Days Above The Cloud. Another short - and I do mean short - film is Accompany. Both are on Viki. What got us started on these films is one called the Library. There is something about watching a drama that is just a compact story that is well told, as if had they made it longer it would have been less of a tasty nugget. We have all seen the drama that goes on for far too long. These aren’t those. Enjoy!


You may want to try Lady in Dignity. It won’t blow you away, so go in with low expectations and you should be ok. No spoilers here, but I liked the lead female who, in an odd way, kept it nailed down. Not on Viki, as far as I know, but you know where to look (popular, US based…).


Hi I am looking for a certain K drama but I do not remember the name of it.
The first episode starts at what appeared to be a magic shop. There is a female owner putting maybe a spell on a cellphone. The episode skips to a homely college-age girl getting up and ready for school. The first thing she does is look at her cell phone. She has messy appearance. While walking, she crosses paths with a group of popular people. Although she feels like their opposite, a handsome boy in the group invites her to join them at a cafe. She begins to wonder if this is her chance.

That is all I got. The show looked really cool. Does anyone know the name of this show? Does the plot sound familiar?

Thanks alot


Ehm… This hardly sounds like a more “mature” drama. I wonder why you chose to ALSO post in this totally unrelated thread. Especially since you made your own thread about your quest.


Could this be this drama, I didn’t watch it but the title was familiar:


Hi thanks Simi, but no that is not the show. The show had a girl lead


Sorry Irmar, I posted this before I figured out how to make my own posts on the site. Thanks for the help


I’m also looking for K-dramas with a more mature behaviour of the characters.

The ones I saw and liked so far are:

  • Misty
  • The Good Wife
  • Mistress
  • Are you Human Too?
  • Mask
  • Descendants of the sun
  • W


If you liked - Mask
… then maybe you like
If you liked - W
… then maybe you like

If you liked - Misty
… then maybe you like


Short Korean film called Ballerino; try this one, it is not a series so enjoy for the time it lasts.

Drama and Anime recommendations (PLS HELP)

Its okay thats love
Jealousy incarnate(my favorite korean drama)
Que Sera Sera


Has anyone mentioned “The Concubine”, a Korean historical movie 2012 it’s a kinda triangle passion with deceives, I think it was well done. I can’t remember where I watched it, but it was a legal channel…


I enjoyed reading the different suggestions. I was also looking for more serious dramas, and this thread kind of helped me out.

Here are some ‘mature’ dramas (mature in that they aren’t too childish):
Mask (she enters a ‘contract’ marriage and has to act as her doppelganger, but the tone of the story is dark and threatening for most of the show)
Sandglass (a 1995 drama; this drama follows the lives of a gangster, a prosecuter, and the daughter of a casino owner who are friends. It explores the politics of the era. Ending was executed well)
Prison Playbook (a comedy in a prison cell that also includes serious life issues)
White Christmas (somewhat of a psychological thriller…if I say anymore, I will spoil the story line)
How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor (the ML character change through the show is gold)
Number Six (I didn’t like this one, but it is definitely on the mature side)
Beautiful Mind (a medical drama about a doctor who cannot sympathize with his patients)