Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


City Hunter maybe ? I remember really enjoying it :slight_smile: there is some romance but it is not the main plot at all :slight_smile: The moon that embraces the sun was also very good (there is romance but in a realistic way)


I’ve watched quite a lot of kdramas, and if you’re looking for some mature ones I would recommend It’s Okay That’s Love and SKY Castle. There’s also a J- drama called Kakafukaka that was mature language and is rated 17+ on Viki. Hope these help! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Because this is my First Life ( Title screwy , IKR ? ) is about as ‘mature’ as it gets, lot’s of eye raising moments as it highlights issues with a) sexual assault , b) wife-beating c) marital rape d) sexual harassment f) equality issues . g) same sex attraction …in one sentence , everything effed up about being a woman in Korea …the real Korea …but it is a good show


y’know, I really thought VIKI was for more a mature audience, but mostly all I see is the highschool to college groups,
oh I know there are other dramas with older people. but look, theres a bunch of “older” folk like me watching these dramas, why can’t they produce some thing for us?

mysteries, yes, scifi yes, time travel yes and more! even the office scene is not good either. and why do we have to go through with someone getting back at someone for something. a lot of the dramas mentioned were good too
and I see this is a couple of years old, and its still like it was then, and most of them aren’t on here now


I wish Viki would renew the license for City Hunter because it is not available in the States right now.


that one was a good drama! we just need to request it. and I will in a bit

and I did with a couple more requests. low lets see what will develop


I have watched those three , awesome


Just Between Lovers is a great choice. The plot is serious and realistic, and it’s much more ‘mature’ than most kdramas out there. I just finished it and thought it was very well done. Give it a try!


I am like you all, how about some older folk(not my age) but other than kids wet behind the ears , yeah loved thats ok thats love, so why can’t they get some older dramas


?? Maybe because middle aged people are already married for the most part and not doing the new romance stuff. They are doing the ‘World of the Married’ adultery and revenge stuff. :crazy_face: :rofl: ???



This is a sweet romantic love story with a mature couple/met when they were young and story will go back to younger years. Great Ending!


porkypine, you are so funny,

what about widows & widowers, wanting to find that special someone, tired of being alone (and I guess you are kinda right.) guess I am describing me there, people that are older , I mean 50, 60. 70. they have been through it, they want to live again, sure they can without someone in their life,

oh well, enough of this, I will stick to the younguns that want revenge, adultery and all.

y’all have a great, blessed day


Boy… typing on a kindle us a royal pain in the patootie… I agree with you… but there is probably not much of a market for older love stories…it all boils down to economic interest and getting sponsors. I am up there in age too so I can’ t really enjoy being a fan girl… it’s rather silly at my age… plus I am old enough to be their grandmother… lol. so I would feel like a child molester if I were to be too interested in any Idols as potential boyfriend candidates. :slight_smile: lol the sad thing for me is serious romantic shows make me miss my hubby who passed last year… :frowning: so I stick with comedies… Need to laugh… Park Seo Joon is great for laughter and I LOVED strong woman do bong soon! Park Hyunsik(?) is that his name? He’s really funny and so animated! Hilarious!


and top it off of what you said, these "younguns " are so cute!! the one I am watching is you are my destiny (chinese)the kid is no older than 22, egads, my ggreat grandchild, what you talkin about!

hehehehehe, but all of them are cute, and of course no market for the older folks, well we can look and not touch, hehehehehe, (mine passed 20 years ago), and these dramas, even for the younger crowd, just love watching them,

I technically adopted them, and watch their dramas, check their lives, not to the point of being a stalker. I am a “mom” of over a thousand kids!!!
not just the boys but the girls too. would love to hear from them but thats not to happen.


I know! Like a mom! :rofl: It’s like I’m telling myself that so and so should be getting married already! He/she’s too old to be single…

Like I think if I was younger, like in my 30’s, I’d go for Gong Yoo . :grin: but I’d have WAYYYYY too much competition there … and I’m lazy. So… I’d just think about it until I realize that he is YOUNGER than my son so that interest abruptly stops. :joy: (no cougars here.) :rofl: :smirk:


porkypine, I also agree!!


@dudie Till this day I struggle to find steamy kdramas :confused:


I am not too sure if what I think is what you guys are looking for in this thread but there is a collection that @worthyromance unnie created and it might have what you people are trying to find.
I never opened the collection though.


You should see Radiant , beautiful story