Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


I would suggest “Witch’s Romance” and “Coffee Prince” if you haven’t already seen these. Both relationships INSINUATE that they sleep together and show more than hand holding, etc.


I completely second this suggestions!!! :smiley: Healer is my all time favorite. You won’t find a more touching story line, in my opinion. Plus, watch for some of the best kisses ever…


@bozoli. Don’t know if you caught ‘Your Neighbours Wife’ I’ve just finished it and thought I have to tell you about it. It is so realistic and the adults are so funny going through the mid life crisis is dealt with very well, I loved it. It has all the annoying aspects of the Korean culture and their honour thing that I find so amusing but it’s much better than a lot of dramas that have had more attention. It’s not for younger people who don’t yet understand the complex relationship between couples who have been together 20 plus years.
I started to watch ‘I have a lover’ because the cast looked good but the writing is terrible and the direction worse. Love to hear if you are following it and what you think?


The Spring Days of My Life is a mature drama in content but almost no skinship just lots of deep love. I know you said Kdramas but there is a good Chinese drama called Divorce Lawyers. You said nothing too adult but the movie P.S. Partner was a good movie but included nude intimate scenes so it would be R or NR-17. It had the lead actor from Kill Me, Heal Me. The Suspicious Housekeeper was an adult drama but absolutely no skinship which was almost strange. You might try Discovery of Romance.


Ohhh… I loved PS partner. It’s true that in the beginning of the movie- like first 10-15 minutes- they’re some 18+ scenes, but if you just skip them, the story and the actors are amazing.


Completely agree.


I have a lover does get better or at least I think it does. I find that those that are about 50 episodes the first have is a lot of background.


Oh My Ghostess
Oh My Venus


I went back to it but boy oh boy I’ve never watched a drama that stirred up so many verbal battles between the viewers hahaha, Have you stayed with it? I will stick the course now just mainly because I’m curious to see if they chop it by about 10 episodes. Not getting good ratings at home seems the Koreans don’t like it. Curious also as it has the largest comment section but all overseas viewers. The team are getting a bashing every week because the subs take a week to complete and it looks like that will be even longer over the remaining episodes as too few volunteers.


I have stayed with it. I think it is good drama. Drama being the key word. I like most of the actors in it. Last weekends episodes have really been the only ones I have had wait any length of time for subtitles. I figured that is due to the holiday. The one I am having trouble watching due to length is Glamorus Temptation. At episode 14 I was quite shocked to find it was a 50 episode drama as well. At the moment I watch just to see what the humorously evil husband is going to do next. You can see the little halo held up by devil horns every time he smiles.


Kristy, I haven’t touched ‘Glamorous Tempt’ or ‘All about my Mum’ and frankly only staying with ‘I have a lover’ because the actress is so good at playing both parts. I hope you watched ‘Through the grapevine’ now that is a really good one. ‘Love me if you dare’ is brilliant it’s from the book ‘Close your eyes’ and the best one airing although coming to an end soon. ‘My Venus’ and ‘Bromance’ are fun to watch especially as a relief when following the others. I get more enjoyment from all the comments made during ‘I have a lover’ than the show itself, hahaha. Happy New Year to you Kristy, hope we can compare some thoughts on upcoming dramas during 2016.


I am at episode 14 of Love Me if You Dare. I’ve not seen Bromance and am anxiously awaiting next week for the last 2 espisodes of Oh My Venus. I couldn’t get into the Grapevine one. I Amy have to back and try that one again. Happy New Year to you as well. I’m sure we’ll be able to discuss shows in 2016. DramaFever had a list of shows comings in the first couple of months of the new year that look very promising.


I’m on a personal mission to find steamier K Dramas. The closed mouth kisses that look like they don’t even want to be touching let alone kissing don’t cut it for me. Some of my favorites with great chemistry and kissing scenes that give a little bit more are, Scent of a Woman ( Kim Sun-a of My Lovely Sam Soon and I Do I Do, can do no wrong in my book), Oh My Ghostess (great original story with lots of kissing) and What’s Up Fox is more adult with a great May, December romance. Fall in Love With Me, a Taiwanese drama has an amazing kissing scene that gave me butterflies

Two dramas that were more vanilla but loaded with passion and amazing chemistry that gave me all the feels were Queen and I and Wild Chives and Soybean Soup


YEP that was a great drama for skinship.
Fated to Love you Taiwanese - had some skinship
Gentlemans Dignity Rocked “completely”
TSK!..I’m heading out to search for Dramas with a little bit “older” men and women too! I’d say over 30 and 35. thanks for the idea…jeez.


‘My neighbour’s wife’ is for the more mature viewer. It deals with mid life crisis and does it well. ‘It’s ok that’s love’ has a mature cast and is very open to what adults deal with they also do it very well. The TV dramas are unrealistic for the most part and most of the exceptions are older dramas dating back 10 and 15 years. The movies are a lot better.


my ps partner was amazing indeed … there is a movie also called scarlet innocence , the story completely is 19+ … there are many nude scenes


I agree! it was really a great drama …


Try Five Fingers, My Daughter Seo young, New Tales of ginsaeng, Home Sweet Home. The latter is definitely 19. The others are a little more than 20 episodes, but are a bit different than the average Kdrama. They are well developed storylines with brilliant acting
I know just what you are talking about.



thanks , i always wanted to watch five fingers but i hesitated , now that u r recommending it , i would totally watch :slight_smile: tnx a loooooooooooot


It’s Okay That’s Love seems to fit your description!