Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


Whatcha Wearing? with Ji Sung…here on Viki surprisingly.


Don’t know is this has been suggested but, “the lover” ! ^^


The healer, its got a little bit of action but its not an action based film. It does have romance in it.


A witch’s romance , its a more mature romance kdrama and to add
on its a really good kdrama


‘The Greatest Marriage’ starting Noh Min Woo, Park Si Yeon, & Bae Soo Bin.

Ending sucked, however.**


Here’s a list of what might be mature ADrama’s. What makes them mature is that they make adults feel like they can see themselves in the plot and the writing, as the adults that they are - not the adults they were when they were about 18. Anything against 18? Nope. Here are some of my picks.
That Winter the Wind Blows
A Wife’s Credentials
Secret Love Affair (one of my top 3)
Heard It Through the Grapevine
My Love Eun Dong
SHORT FILM: The Library
Second To Last Love 1 and 2 (top 3)
And arguably THE standard bearer for mature Asian drama: Misaeng, which nailed the concept completely.

An all inclusive list this is not; there are more, and some are shorts (The Invigilators) or movies. Every so often, they pop one out there and hit the list, but as we know the greatest number of dramas will be the not so deep variety in order to get the audience that wants that. Have a drama that comes at you straight, reminds you about things like love and commitment, and isn"t afraid to get serious while being funny in some ways, too? Post it!!!

And have fun with my list.


I loved Divorce Lawyers. Actually, it was the first Asian drama I watched and I have been hooked since watching this drama. I discovered Korean dramas after watching the last Espisode.


Even though the story drags sometimes and is alot darker than you would imagine. Me Too Flower has one of the BEST onscreen kisses in a kdrama ever, excellent chemistry.


When this thread started, dudie mentioned that adult content (overt sexual content) was not the goal. A realistic view and a more serious plot were the things mentioned. Seems dudie and I are on the same quest! My list appears above in the string, but I will add one more really good discovery: Neighborhood Lawyer. No spoilers here, so feel free to read on. What I like about this drama is that it has adults doing adult things, non adults who are not trying too hard, pretty women with more than makeup to offer to the story, and plot twists and action scenes (plus dialogue) that don’t insult my intelligence.

More often than not, kdrama creators churn out what the masses want to see, but the never ending supply of “youngish” dramas have a narrow range. Bad boy with money/good girl with no money, and other tropes that can be engaging but repetitive and eventually, not that interesting, one after another. It can be like a long drive on a straight flat road; you will want to encounter some turns and hills to keep the interest level up so the drive is not so one-dimensional and boring.

Seeking a little more from your kdama? Found one that is well crafted and worth your time all the way to the end? Don’t keep it a secret! And check out Neighborhood Lawyer, subbed through Ep. 10 on 5/2.


Add one more! Romance Blue: not a long series, really touching, and yes, adult in its approach to romance and what happens when two people meet.


It has very adult scenes but even though the main couples’ relationship starts because of an accidental phone sex call they have a very sweet relationship. Between the phone sex scenes, they genuinely listen to each other’s problems and respect each other. The man has just had a hard break up after 7 years and still loves his ex girlfriend and the woman is conflicted because her boyfriend of 7 years has cheated on her.


It seems, Susan, that the name of the drama that you are referring to is not included. What is the name of the drama?


Hi there kirbservc_732, It’s a little film called ‘My SF’ meaning sex friend. Ji Sung is the guy in it. I’m sure if you look up his previous works you will find it. As Susan has said it is for mature viewing but is very sweet also.


Susan have you watched ‘Memory’? It is excellent. So many really good dramas get overshadowed by the ever popular flower boy ones that the young people like well this is one of those.


See you have ‘Midas’ on your list. I liked that also and at the time tried to spread the word.


P.S. Partner or Watcha Wearin’ it goes by either or both


ger_o_malley Thanks for that. Always looking for the better stuff to watch!


This one was really good, and I wish it was a drama. A movie is too short ^^


It was Midas that got me on to Kim Hee Ae, who is Little Fox in SLA, now on Netflix. Here is one more that is a bit strange but we liked it a lot: I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper.


Dudie, I think you might like Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi, this is about cosmetic/marketing/office/company competitions but also about adult relationships, it is more comic than romantic, I love the script, main actors are mature past 30. It’s also only 16 Ep. There is food for the thought!