Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


the opening part is hot or not? blush:

Suggestions about Korean/Japanese tv series for over 20s/30s and rating info

My Love From The Star
Please Come Back, Mister
Doctor Stranger
I Have A Lover
Cunning Single Lady
Hotel King
Jewel In The Palace
Will It Snow For Christmas?


yes past blush. complete adult scene so if you are underage I would not recommend it because that would be irresponsible of me(I have a teenager) or if you have are conservative in what you view. Think of the Friends with Benefits movie and add more adult in nature.


Some recommendations I have for you are Iris (Action, Melo, Romance, Thriller), Innocent Man(Melo, Romance), That Winter The Wind Blows (Melo, Romance) and Healer(Action, Thriller, Romance)! :smile:


julie, does Healer get better? Watched it up the point where - spoiler alert - there is a fight scene in the first couple of episodes where fake identity must be preserved. Too many fists flying and very little reality, so I got spooked and started to doubt whether to go on. Worth it to continue? Thanks, in advance!


I didn’t care for the first episode of Healer, either. But it definitely gets better and I ended up really liking it. Give it another try.


Thank you!


Sometimes, an Adrama just needs to be a short film instead of a series. Try these and see if they work for you. Mature, yes, and sexy too.

Beijing Love Story
Chong Qing Love Story
Qing Dao Love Story
Truth or Dare
The Library

Moody, all packed into a short film format, better than some movies and better than many dramas. On Viki!


I personally really liked it! The love line continues to progress with the episodes and the action scenes revolve around the story line that takes place from their parents’ past! I think it’s worth a try :smile:


Ive also been looking for a more mature romcom,but mature in a way that the characters are adults,not teens or 25ish. I want them to be like on their 30s and have complex personalities and believable plots. I recently started watching kdrama and Descendants of the Sun was the reason. After that, I watched Master’s sun, oh my Venus, Marriage, not dating, it’s okay,that’s love, and gentleman’s dignity. If you have any other suggestion, please let me know too.



Maybe there is a drama among them for you? About the “believable” part in Korean dramas … It depends on you.

  • A Wife’s Credentials
  • Falling for Innocence
  • Heart to Heart
  • Mama
  • Beyond the Clouds
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors
  • Nine - 9 Times Time Travel
  • King of Dramas (a lot of irony, so believable??? But fun.)
  • The Last Scandal of my Life
  • Giant


I don’t know if you’ll like this or not, but do try Oh Hae Young, Again. It’s really, really good :slight_smile:


Oh it’s brilliant I’m loving it. Another one that’s very good also is ‘Dear my friends’ I think both these are for the more mature viewer.


Want a well produced Kmovie that is spellbinding and unique? Try “The Beauty Inside” (Netflix). Never have I seen this premise before. Loved it. And, yes, on the mature side.


I would go for ‘The lover’.
It is really not your typical Kdrama.
It’s about 4 couples/pairs of people who live in the same apartment building and you get a look in their lives.

One couple is a woman who is together with a guy who’s a lot younger than her, so you have issues with the age gap and with the fact that they don’t always want to let other people know they are together.
Another couple is probably in their thirties, they live together but are not married. One of the issues is that their familie doesn’t know they live together or disagree with them not being married. Because of this they themselves sometimes start to wander why they aren’t married.
The third couple is a couple that lives together and are planning to marry soon. I didn’t find this couple that interesting, luckily they didn’t have too much airtime.
And last, a younger guy that lives alone but wants to share his appartment so it’s easier to pay the rent. A Japanese guy who is traveling around will stay there for a few months. The guy realizes bit by bit that he has feelings for the Japanese guy.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best series I have seen in my life, but it’s very refreshing from all the usual Kdramas.


Where I can watch boss and me in eng sub.


Do you mean ‘Protect the Boss’ ? if so try Drama Cool or KissAsian.


I know it’s been a while nobody posted here, but I think it’s an interesting thread that people will notice in the future.
I would like to recommend KBS Drama Specials. They are not dramas, they are one-hour long films made for TV. One may like some more than the others, but they are invariably of very good quality, the themes are interesting and fresh and get you thinking: you know, the ones you don’t forget after watching. The writing is not the usual k-drama clichés, the actors are top-notch (sometimes unknown names) and generally they are far from k-drama cliché.
Many of them are bitter sweet, but you won’t regret watching them.
You may find the story of the Korean middle-aged farmer who got a young Vietnamese wife and how they adjust to each other, especially when the wife falls in love with the local doctor (My wife Natree’s first love).
The story of a terminally ill cancer patient, a married middle-aged woman who, in the hospital, meets Lee Jong Suk and they have a sweet and poignant one-day romance (My best days).
The story of a father who poses as a nude model to make ends meet (My father is a nude model).
The story of someone who finds his past love as a rival for a coveted university position, and the moral struggle of both (Still Frame).
The story of a convict and a battered woman (a wonderful one, it’s called This kind of love).
The story of someone who is told he will die but then doesn’t (that one I really adored).
And other much more light-hearted ones like “Bride in sneakers”.

The thing most people dislike about them is not only that some of them have a sad ending, but even more that many of them (not all) have a somewhat open ending. Most of the time it’s not really open, you guess what is going to happen, but sometimes there are heated discussions on YT on what it really means.
I just love them, although I do hope that the endings were a bit clearer on some of them.
Here at viki they are bundled in anthologies, instead of being offered one by one, which makes it very difficult to promote them and also to find them by film title.
(Keep in mind that, although love is the theme, many of those are not at all romantic comedies)

Warmly recommend them. And, although they don’t have explicit sexual content or anything, they are for more mature audiences in the other sense mentioned in this thread.


I loved the drama Adolescent Medley, it’s a little bit different because there are 4 episodes. But it was really great. (It’s not a mature drama !)


I hope you watched Another Miss Oh, because that one was great! If you really want skinship you should watch A Frozen Flower! Very mature content, brilliantly done, you can’t watch it here, but it’s one of my favorite movies! Warning… you’ll never look at Running Man’s Ace the same way again! lol