Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


Im currently watching “Dear, My Friends”, sadly not on viki (perhaps more licence requests are needed).
This is very realistic drama and I think every generation should watch it, you will see all the mature veteran actors, Im amazed at their performance… it’s about aging, relationships, human mistakes intentionally and unknowlingly, some beautiful cinematographic scenes and a really touching script, laugh and cry with them, get your box of tissues ready…


Does it have a happy or sad ending? I’m okay with crying, provided it finishes well. When you have watched it all, please come back and tell us. No need to spoil, just if it has a happy ending.


Im half way through but some of the eps have really sad tissue moments, maybe because it captures beautifully the human emotions or because I can feel them.
I recommend this if you have aging parents or if you have older children and prepare for aging… I think there are few eye openers… :neutral_face:
I let you the “ending” know when done :wink:


It’s not one of those unrealistic fairy tale “lived happily ever after” type, but the ending is good.


That’s fine for me!
Actually, you know, sometimes, when everything around you is a mess, your friends are jobless, your pension is about to be cut AGAIN in a month, and your love life… let’s not even talk about it… You feel you really cannot take heartbreak even in films and series.
I mean, it needn’t be too saccharine, I’m not enjoying Cinderella and the Four Knights Disney-style stuff, because it’s too fake so it doesn’t deliver comfort. But yes, I call it a happy ending when people are content and smiling at life with no regrets. That’s enough for me.
For instance I was very pissed off with the Love Rain ending, where, after all those really heartbreaking moments, the older couple decided to be “just friends”, although they were in the U.S. and nobody could even know what the heck they were doing behind closed doors.
And in the Japanese version of Second to Last Love, at the end of part 2, again they don’t become a real couple at the end. She refuses his proposal, and they end up as just friends hugging a bit and being comfortable with each other. Why on earth? (or maybe were they planning part 3?) Amazing series, othewise, at a wholly different level than k-drama.


Can u tell me some Korean drama with more action or thrill


Chines drama boss and me.


No regrets on the drama marriage, not dating is absolutely hilarious/romantic/sweet! Leaves you feeling inside all warm and fuzzy …:+1:


City hunter that’s top!!!:wink::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


OH MY VENUS my favorite drama and has some romantic scenes!


Heartless City/Cruel City


May I also recommend the film “Sunny”. It’s about the friendship of seven women in high school, and how they find each other again when they are middle aged and revive their bonds. Exceptional!


One more: Eungyo (Netflix). This movie - after only 25 minutes into it - is provocative, mature, sometimes spellbinding, and teases the line between romance, attachment, and renewing what the feeling of teenage love is about. It’s not about teenagers, though, so no well worn tropes are thrown in to reduce your interest. Subtle visual storytelling, too: it’s not all in the script!. Enjoy.


Finished Eungyo. Solid all the way through. Small spoiler coming… At times, I wondered about how provocative some of the scenes are in the movie. Not “typical” Korean film making (as in naked bodies and all). But, we’re all adults, right?


Here is a review of that film by Hollywood Reporter
and a review of Seoulbeats (careful, this one contains spoilers)
and another review from Not really enlightening, this one, though.


Thanks for that! When this thread started, I thought that there should be a good number of people looking for the best of Asian Drama, but post age 30 or so. To all those who have posted your favorite “mature” dramas, thank you. There is nothing like not being Asian and getting a view to the culture through this lens. Is it realistic? When it is good, it is, and the best of A-drama is always a good story well told. I hope this thread keeps going mostly because I knew there just had to be a niche audience for stories like Heard It Through the Grapevine and Secret Love Affair. The people that are on this thread make it possible for me to find the good stuff without having to watch a drama just to find out if it is good. When it isn’t, I always feel cheated and immediately want my time back. When it’s good, it feels like a gift.


Well, just keep in mind that your taste and my taste or someone else’s taste may be different.


I was looking the same, now I am going to check all the titles but I think I already seen almost all of them. I think some people didn’t understand what dudie was telling. It’s very difficult to find skinship dramas. I would like to know if real life in Asia (specially in Korea, not so much at chinese dramas) is like you said dudie, barely holding hands weekly and kissing monthly. ;D

I don’t think Discovery of Romance is on the list. You can find some skinship scenes on it (I liked very much the cast)
Not too much but seeable 9 End 2 Outs
Also the movie: My PS Partner with Ji Sung (that I think is great, not so much the actress but…)

I have seen around 150 dramas, some of them I don’t remember, let me check my history and maybe I can find more.


Hey, if you go to youtube it’s full of Korean porn, so…
I was also wondering, seeing how on dramas at least people who think about having sex or seem to like to look at women etc. are called “perverts” (they probably mean “sex maniacs”, maybe they don’t know the meaning of the word “pervert”, but even “sex maniac” would be inappropriate! for such innocent things as looking at a girl’s legs and wanting to hold and kiss them.
Korean vikians tell me that public displays of affection are somehow restricted. It’s much more accepted to see same-sex friends holding hands in public etc. It must be a bit like India in that respect.
But I also see that generally people touch much less than in southern Europe. I mean, even parents with children, even best friends, they rarely hug. I have seen this on American films as well, though (except those whose characters are Italian or Greek or Hispanic). A parent sees his child leave for a trip and there is just a tap on the shoulder? We would be one over the other, crying our hearts out. Of course feelings are the same all over the world, just that some cultures believe in not expressing them too openly. And for the rest of us it’s very very as in very very weird.

Here is an excerpt from a Wikipedia article on sexuality in N. Korea. Granted, it’s old news, and much must have changed by now, twenty years later. But if as late as 1997 they were thinking like that, I don’t know the rate of the change.

OK, this operation was done in my country up to the '70s maximum.

I also think that the widespread prostitution is meaningful, an indication of the difficulty of having sex in the normal ways with a consenting partner.

And it seems that Koreans are the best clients of prostitutes in all East Asia, including child prostitutes.

Here is a 2014 article which pinpoints the problems of couples working long hours (yes, but this does not explain the “once a month” thing. They don’t have one day off every week?)

On the other hand a recent survey (last June) on a much larger number of married couples (more than 1000) in Korea said that on average they had sex quite seldom and many not at all. I was appalled.

Here it is. And here. For the lazy among you, here is the gist of the article.

Only 0.6 percent of married couples have sex almost every day?
What about twice a day, once when the children are asleep at night and once in the morning to start off the day nicely? And a bit more on weekends and holidays? Oh, I feel like a strange person now, LOL!

So my dears, if you’re still dreaming of a Korean boyfriend, think twice. He might be an exception to the rule, but then again he might not.


Sorry I didn’t notice your question, if you are still interested in a recommendation from me, then just answer and tell 2-3 dramas you did actually watch and liked or dislike. So I can narrow down what you might like.
I am sorry, I didn’t reply sooner but I was logged out and couldn’t participate here for 3 months for technical reasons.