Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama


Where I can watch my little lover


Can u tell me where I can watch my little lover


Oh my Venus,mars,my girlfriend gumiho


Okay, I guess we are not only in the “matured” dramas here:

Oh, My Venus - I didn’t see it, but read a bit about it.

Mars - I have seen that one not a Kdrama though, but no worries.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho … I’ve watched a long time ago.

I think you probably might like these, but I have no idea how many dramas you already watched of them, anyway here we go:
-Marriage not Dating, Nine - Nine Times Time Traveling, Faith, Autumn’s Concerto, Master’s Sun, The Greatest Love, W, Splash, Splash Love, Bride of the Century, Fated to Love You, I Hear Your Voice, Kill Me Heal Me, My Love From The Star, …


I have watched all except splash splash love


Can u plz tell me where I can watch my little lover.plzzzzz


No, I am sorry, I do not even know this title.


LOL, then what wasn’t watched by you family dramas, or daily dramas, dramas that have aired before 2010?


OK. No problem.thanks for ur help


Almost hard to believe that Dudie started this in September '13! Financially, it might not prove viable, but someone who makes dramas should realize from reading this thread that a market is ready made for mature A/dramas with some sexiness added in. Porno? That’s another mindset altogether. But sexiness and/or sex? That is what we see and what we do on the daily, so leaving it out can make an otherwise very good drama seem not realistic, like a story I can kind of believe - but not really.

It’s no secret that most men who are not Asian have a visual attraction to Asian women (check the porn search stats if you doubt it) even if only because they can be exotic, especially in drama-land with only the cutest showing up. Sometimes, we get a view that is too narrowly focused on “the beauty standard” that exists. I often find myself thinking “she can’t possibly be that perfect in real life” after watching one of those. For example - slight spoiler here: The CEO played by Kim Yoon-seo who wanted the lead guy soooo baaad in My Love, Eundong; what an ice queen. Totally hot looking, but in that “I’m so well put together - see my perfect skin” look that smacks of zero real passion - even during well executed sex.

Secret Love Affair was my first real mind blowing K Drama (must be something about Kim Hee-ae), partly because when they felt like getting some they just went for it. It didn’t start getting unreal just when it needed to get more real. Need more like that.


Unfortunately there seems to be strong censorship in television series in Korea (and China of course). See, recently there was a whole uproar because a 17-year old actress kissed twice (quite chastely) her 23-year old co-star. And because she showed her bare shoulders in one scene.
Yes, I’m talking about “Moonlight drawn with clouds”. Ridiculous!
In a country where the age of consent is 13, isn’t it ok for an actress who has chosen to do this series, with her parents’ consent, to just have two simple kisses?
On the other hand, as we’ve said above, porn abounds, prostitution flourishes.
But in dramas, if a man looks at a woman’s breasts, he is called a “pervert” and the woman is likely to scream and cover her chest in panic. Oh the contradictions.


How did you come up with this, on my reply to prekushwaha1998_324?
Just wondering?


I didn’t know the age of consent was 13! :astonished:
In any case yes, I agree it’s quite unbelievable.
As mentioned in another thread, I was surprised that, back in 2006, there were shows like Soulmate and What’Up Fox? where sex was clearly far less of a taboo, yet in 2016, you see two people in their 30s who (barely) kiss only once and end up married (I’m thinking about Birth Of A Beauty).
Seriously, what happened in 10 years?


Sometimes things go backwards. Look at Egyptian films of the '40s and '50s. Not a single headscarf, shortish dresses (Western style - not saying that copying the West is a good thing, but noting it as a measure of how freely they dressed). And people who lived there are telling me it’s not just films, even on the streets of main cities it was the same thing. Nowadays there are more fundamentalist fanatics the Muslim Brothers were talking about closing down the Cairo ARcheological Museum (because it hosts artifacts honouring the ancient religion and not Islam) and a woman on the streets of the centre of Cairo (at Khan el Khalili if I remember correctly) had acid thrown on her face because of not wearing a headscarf.
Just an example, of the strange cases in which liberation is not a linear process leading to more progress, nor a one-way street.


Midnight Diner; Tokyo Stories. Look this one up on Netflix. Solid acting, nice little stories, just the right thing for those of us who have a thing for Japan. On the 4th episode and loving it.

Edit: finished Midnight Diner. For those of you that check in to this string and want to go in the direction of “mature” more than “skinship” then this is a JDrama that you will like. Mature dramas can have younger people - as this one does - but it’s the storyline that is what is mature. When that fails in some dramas, all we are left with is cute (and maybe well dressed). Midnight Diner is all about the story. And, here is the bonus: there is a movie of the same name that precedes the series, and the same actors are seen in both. I saw the series first, but that didn’t wreck it at all. The movie is from 2009 and the series is from - I think - 2015. Can you see them on Viki? Nope. Wish I could. Netflix for the series and KissAsian for the movie. Enjoy!


I just remembered: Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi.
A love story which comes not because of fake obstacles, fake antagonism and such, but through respect, appreciation and because of how both characters help each other to grow.
The love story is only one part, and not the most important one at that. It’s most of all a tale about dignity, self-respect, making one’s life worthwhile in order to feel alive.


Thanks for the info, I’ll definitively watch this one!


this drama has also tons of comic aspects the storylines are also really thoughtful, I admire the leading lady’s courage in the working force; there is definitely food for the thought with a hearty laugh :blush:

I worked on this drama and think that it was/is terribly underrated, perhaps because it is more for the mature audience.


i would suggest

You who came from the stars
the heirs… lee Min ho
Personal Preference… lee Min ho
City Hunter… lee Min ho
Oh My Venus
A well Raised Daughter
Marriage Contract
King of High School
Its okay its love
Innocent man
High Society
High-End Love
Ex-Girlfriend Club
Creating Destiny
Coffee Prince
Angry Man
Passionate love
Second to last love
Pretty Boy
the man living in our house
Super Daddy
Ms. Temper & Nam Jung-gi
My Loveable Girl
Surplus Princess
That fool
When a man loves
Warm and Cozy
Twenty again
To the beautiful you
the time we were not in love
the man who cannot get married
hope to your liking above mentioned ones


I see that you have Second To Last Love on the list; one of my all time favorites for mature drama. Chiaki-san was perfect! Thanks for the list.

Update on Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories - watched it in reverse: the movie first, then back through the seasons and am on season 2. This is a treasure, this simple thing that keeps delivering heartfelt and well developed characters, and in so short a time span per episode, too. I’ve seen movies that don’t compete well with these episodes.