Looking for a project English-Hindi

I can translate English to Hindi and vice versa…I’m looking forward to any project that will be handed to me



क्या आप मुझे यहाँ एक मैसेज भेज सकतीं हैं – https://contribute.viki.com/messages/compose?sendto=shraddhasingh

हमें बहुत खुशी होगी अगर हमारी टीम में एक और काबिल इंसान शामिल हो सके।

I am gonna me too this response. I can translate English to Urdu and contra. Feel free to talk for any project at hand and to get it done on priority basis.

@weavingadream will be the best person to contact for Urdu.

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Not sure if you are still looking but i saw that post yesterday if you want to check.

Hello sir I’m Anita… I can translate in English to Hindi. If you have any project regarding please let me know I will do my best

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I need eng-hindi subtitler.If you are still interested please PM me.
nsiya2023 - Rakuten Viki

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Yes i can do