Looking for all positions for Chinese Drama "Diamond Lover"

Hi everyone! I’m the channel manager for the upcoming drama “Diamond Lovers.” The main actors for this show are going to be Rain and Tiffany Tang.


I have zero experience being a channel manager, so whoever does want to work on the channel, I’m giving you a heads up to please be patient with me :stuck_out_tongue: And like the title says, all positions are avaiable EXCEPT Romanian and Spanish moderators and card designer.

For becoming a moderator for any other language, I do prefer experience but I will take newcomers. Just know that if you are new, I will pair you up with someone. Max mods for any language will be 2 except for English. I will talke up to 3 mods.

For subbers/translators in Chinese-English, an obvious requirement is that you know the language extremely well that you can translate what is being said. Having said that, I will take new subbers (always welcomed!) and experienced subbers. For other language subbers, please contact your respective language moderator to be added to the team. If there is no mod, contact me and I will add you.

For segmenters, I know putting segments is hard. I personally find segmenting Chinese very difficult. Therefore, I will only be recruiting people with a ton of experience segmenting and (preferably) graduates from Segmenting 101 or Ninja Academy. I am also looking for a Cheif Segmenter at the moment.

For editors, experience would be greatly appreciated. General editors must know English and proper grammar to become one. The Translation Editor must be an experienced person who wouldn’t mind checking all the subs.

Any other questions, please contact me by sending me a PM or a comment below!

Thank you!

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