Looking for Bengali Subbers


Looking for English to Bengali subtitler for Chinese drama Word of Honor | Rakuten Viki.
If you are interested, please contact the channel manager, or me at :blush:
QC status doesn’t matter.
Volunteers must have a good hold of both English and Bengali and NOT use AI translators like Google Translate.


Why are you taking on a new drama while the one you were supposed to start 3 months ago still has ZERO subtitles in Bengali?


I’m sorry Mirjam, I don’t know which project you are talking about, but I’m sure I’ve talked with the channel manager and asked for an extension will all the projects that I haven’t started yet (I was down with COVID-19).
It’s tough to find a fellow Bengali subtitler. Even if you find them, a very few stick till the end. If I’ve taken responsibility for subtitling a show, I’ll be sure to complete my task.
Even though, I’m pretty much new here, I hope to polish my managing skills with a bit of time.
Thanks a lot for your concerns! Hope you’ll look after me like this, always.:slightly_smiling_face:


I am the Channel Manager of that show and you never told me this.
I’m sorry you had COVID, and I hope you are fully recovered, but I would have appreciated if you at least had told me about the delay. Now this show that started in January has no subtitles in your language at all.

I know it’s hard to find subbers in some languages. I usually work alone or in small teams, so I don’t mind if you don’t go fast. I just hope you are dedicated enough to make sure the drama gets translated eventually. :slight_smile:


Hello, I am Ria from Kolkata, India. My mother tongue is Bengali and I have graduated with English Literature. I would like to work as a subber.


Hi Ria!

Welcome to Viki Discussions.
To have a good start at Viki, I recommend choosing a drama or movie that you’re really interested in.
You can start with a movie or a short web drama. Once you’ve chosen a drama you’d like to work on, you must message the Channel Manager of the show.

Let’s say you chose this show:

Message the Channel Manager of the channel,

Tell her about your skills in translations, focus more on your skills in Bengali than your skills in English because you’ll be translating to Bengali, so skills in Bengali matter more. Tell her about the time you’ll take to complete the show, 1 week? 2 weeks? A month? Also tell her the days you’ll translate on.

Once you get a reply from her, you’re good to begin subtitling :wink:

You can choose any show you like and follow the same procedure. Please keep in mind, don’t take on more than 1 show, work on it until you complete it.


Thank you @shraddhasingh