Looking for chinese to english subtitling opportunties

I’m fluent in both English and Mandarin and I’m looking for a project to work on (even a small role would be fine, I’m just looking for something to get started). If you think you have a project suitable for me, please comment under this post or message me.


Hi! :wave:

It’s a good first step to take to reach out for help. Since not many volunteers visit this discussion site on a regular basis, it’d be more effective if you’d send messages to CMs and/or CEs of specific drama channels that interest you. Those dramas (or movies) that are listed on Coming Soon or Latest Releases on Viki’s landing page would be your better bets. It’s always better to join a team before or when the specific drama premieres.

As a newbie, do try to update your profile’s About Me page, or if you prefer, do include an intro of yourself in each message you send. Information that would be helpful to CMs/CEs/Mods in terms of your language(s) skills would be:

  • years of education in the source and target languages
  • projects done (such as fan-subbings or other translation-related projects, if any)
  • any other info or links you deem helpful in your cause

Volunteers/contributors with your bilingual skillset are always in demand here.
All the best! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so much for the advice! I’ve tried to send applications to a few CMs, but either got rejected (understandable) or ignored. However, I’ve gotten an opportunity from a CM, and if all goes well, I should be able to start working on my first channel soon. I will be updating my About Me page, so once again, thank you so much!


You’re welcome!

You’ve started! And have updated your profile. YAY! Keep on!:rose:
I don’t have any current Chinese to English translation projects pending completion. But if you need another English to Chinese translation project, let me know.
Jia You!:muscle:

Btw, @porkypine90_261 :+1: (I’m sure you know why hehe :wink:)


Hi, this might sound rlly stupid. But what does CM and CE stand for?

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CM stands for channel manager and I think CE stands for channel editor.


Thank youuuu i’m new to subtitling and i was rlly confused


Not at all. Not asking if one doesn’t know would be “rlly foolish”… :slight_smile:
@xilifromnyc is right. CM = Channel Manager.
However, CE = Chief Editor aka Final Editor (from the English team).

Happy subbing! Jia You! Hwaiting! :rose:


For more information: