Looking for Language Moderators for A League of Nobleman

You’ve been feeling lonely without danmei dramas? We’ve been blessed with the bromance history crime drama “A League of Nobleman” starring Song Wei Long (Beautiful Reborn Flower, Go Ahead) and Jing Bo Ran (Psychologist). A story about friendship, without women and about success… and about strangely shaped noodles.

The drama will have 29 episodes, and we’ll be working on a timely release. Please send me an application if you’re interested in moderating: https://contribute.viki.com/messages/compose?sendto=xylune
A free slot and QC are required. First moderators will be chosen around 6pm JST on January 31, 2023.

Many thanks for your attention.


Looking forward to A League of Nobleman
Jiayo!! 加油!Jiāyóu!

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