Looking for projects to subtitle

Hi my name is zola_33 and i live in Puerto Rico. I’m so happy i discover Viki a few months ago. A few day ago a decide to begin subtitling videos and episode for all you guys. But is so hard to find dramas that are in need of it, so if you know any drama current or coming soon that need subtitler in English and Spanish just let me know by replying on this or sending me a message.

Bye, Adios…

I need someone to subtitle Dance Academy http://www.viki.com/tv/21173c-dance-academy-recruiting-segmenters-and-english-language-subbers

in both English and Spanish, I also need segmenting help. The episodes are 22-24 mins long, I currently have 50+ uploaded and there are 12 more to be loaded this weekend. Favorite the channel, so you can get updates but, you can start now by subbing ep 2 in English. The episodes need to be subbed in English (as a transcript) then other languages. it’ll be a fun and entertaining way to earn QC status.
PM me and I’ll add you on for both languages
Sharice aka shae_shae

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Hi, I need some advice, I found TV drama that I would like to translate and there are 31 episodes, but on viki, there are only 11 uploaded. How can I add more episodes, when they are on youtube? Do I have to download them first from youtube and then add them here?

First you would need to contact(PM) the channel manager for the drama that your interested in, this is to see if the channel’s been abandoned. After around a week or so, contact Viki via help desk and explain that you would like to complete the drama and it’s been X amount of days since you (PM) and you haven’t heard back and so on, if you don’t hear from viii in three days repeat but add that you would like to submit a new channel for the drama while they are making a decision. then submit you channel and start.
Good Luck

P.S. come work on my drama while you’re waiting…LOL

i have a lot of free time on my hands right now. I never tried the segment thingy… but I’m going to research a bit, but from what i see is not that difficult, you just need time and patience!. I can help for sure with english, spanish and portuguese subtitles. Im a little mad i cant watch some dramas now because I’m out of the region… but well… let me know if you need my help and tell me what can i do for you!

hello!! I can translate from English into Italian, I also am available to review italian subs and correct italian grammar mistakes. Please contact me

are you also looking for people who can translate into italian?

contact one of the moderators to let them know you are there and go ahead and start

If you are able to help, contact one of the moderators for Dance Academy to let them know you are there and you can start subbing in Portuguese

Hello!.. would you like to help out by translating from English to Italian in the telenovela "Ugly duckling " aka " Patito feo?
It’s a telenovela i used to watch a lot back in Italy known as Il Mondo Di Patty … =) please contact me if interested .