Looking for Urdu-speaking Audience


I am weavingadream, an Urdu subtitler here on Viki. Currently, I am looking forward to engage with more Urdu speakers or Urdu subtitlers, which are active on Viki.

We can share some tips on translation, or we can help each others, or we can just discuss some of the Urdu facts here.

Or, I can just say:

اِسی لیے تو یہاں اب بھی اجنبی ہوں میں
تمام لوگ فرشتے ہیں آدمی ہوں میں

I am looking forward to meeting Urdu speakers, whether from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or any corner of the world.


You may find some on this thread. Urdu also has a smallish list of contributors.

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Thanks a lot for your consideration, @irmar.

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