Looking for Viki Segmenters

Now you need to wait until they contact you. You can’t participate as a segmenter until you went through the entire program (Sandbox (the introduction course, not the playground you have been practising on) + 5 levels) and are told by the NSSA that you have graduated. Just watching tutorials and practising in the playground is not enough. Segmenters really need to know what they are doing. Please take it seriously.


Hi I’m looking to contribute as a segmenter. I really like watching subbed dramas and movies and appreciate how well segmented and subbed the shows on Viki are and I’d like to be a part of that. here’s a link to my profile page

  • I completed the NSSA training and am looking for my first projects I’m generally available to segment on weekends.
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That was such a great ideia! Thank you for the effort of creating the list!

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je suis toujours disponible pour la segmentation. NSSA - Ninja Academy - OK Préférence pour le coréen.