Looking for work - Translation Editing (Eng/Kor)


I am proficient in English and intermediately proficient in Korean because I lack specialist language (law, medicine, business terms/jargon) but am highly proficient in natural, speaking, conversational Korean including slang and word play.

I like doing Translation Editing because while I may not be able to easily do a word-for-word translation, once I have the jist of what the dialogue is intended to convey, I am good at turning it into natural speech, with a particular understanding of slang (both Korean and English) and turns of phrases, and word play.

I have been an editor on my high school yearbook and in my law school journal publication. I am a native Korean speaker. I have also worked on a subtitling and timing team before, but it was for Youtube, and more recently did some post-completion TE work for Fight My Way here on Viki.

I work quickly, but tend to do most of it on weekends and some week nights.

Please message me if you need my services.

Thank you!