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Dear viki, You are NOT alleviating the volunteer work by adding horrible vikibot subs, (sorry about this but is true, those subs are horrible and can only be edited by deleting them).
We try our best to make quality subs. We are not Netflix, or youtube who translate with tasteless subs without love or care for the culture. We try our best to bring to the subtitles the essence of Asian culture in dramas; we try our best to respect not only the original culture and language but also the other languages while we do so. And that is not easy.
Viewers come to this website for the quality of the subtitles, for example, we translate the songs for the hearing impaired, is way much work, but we still do and we give our best with each song.
When you put a bot who has no idea of our internal rules of subbing dramas, who don’t respect basic forms of formal or informal talking, when you choose French (one of the most difficult and complex languages out there) to make a try or an experiment we get furious. Why? Because, think about this, if google translator who has being in the market for so long STILL HAS NOT being able to translate accurately Spanish, French or any our same family languages, is vikibot going to?
You have in your rules the prohibition to use those types of translators, but why do you use something that translates just as bad or worst in this case?
If you really want to alleviate the work burden over our shoulders ASK US what we need first. Is really not helpful is you bring a cancer treatment to a diabetic one; you have to ask us what we need in order to truly help us, because other than that you are just imposing over us and letting us know that you don’t care about quality subs sub, that you just care that the segments are filled regardless of the content and we loose our spirits.


Could we take these examples and put them in Irmar’s sheet?

There were 12 sentences in the 6 boxes:

Out of 12 sentences:
A. 2 were translated correctly (“A cute woman?” and “Oh no! The keys to the church”)
B. 2 were passable, the meaning is conveyed (“Hey, it hurts!” and “Aino Shingo: Aino Mating Agency Director” - “Agency” was translated but not “Mating”)
C. the other 8 ones are not the translation of what is written in English (litteral translations out of context, word “Marmarathon” doesn’t exist in the dictionary, some sentences were not translated)

If someone had to edit these 12 sentences, he will have to edit 12 out of 12 sentences because:

A. Punctuation
B. Translating “Mating” and depending on the editor “It” in a more formal way + Punctuation
C. Translating the sentences from scratch as if there was no bot translation + Punctuation

A lambda subber could have subbed A, B and some of C without needing further edits.

We don’t gain time, we spend more time editing all sentences (and so we spend less time on… subbing for ex)


You are so right!


Ok so first of all, people don’t get paid to be translators. They’re doing this FOR FREE and not only that but still PAYING for your network of shows. I speak French and I have been learning a little Korean. Asian languages are sooo different from romantic languages! I can only imagine how bad the translations are! To just outright decide to replace a lot of people’s HARD WORK with bots… not even just saying “Hey thank you for your service to us. We’re going to us bots in the near future but still keep the hard work that you did just fine.” - that would be the bare minimum I would expect. DON’T BITE THE HAND THE FEEDS YOU!!! Je suis avec vous, francophones!


I couldn’t say better! :clap::clap::clap:tenor
R - E - S - P - E - C - T OUR WORK VIKI!


When you’re adding all of this to the excel file, perhaps it would be best not to open new categories/rows if a category already exists, but to add to the old ones.

For example, punctuation already exists, formal vs informal speech, as well. “Correcting is time-consuming and difficult” category for completely nonsense translation examples.

As well, perhaps some examples could be used in more than one category.


Space missing for “mignonne?” + one more space for “l’ église”.

D. CONTEXT/SITUATION - How can you know about “duper” for deceive?
E. Formal/informal - Laisse-les Laissez-les ?

Yes, we can add them. Please feel free to do so.


I let the authors decide :slight_smile:


Just looking at the meaning because it is what the bot needs and what they might want.

Has to edit punctuation, they might not see punctuation really important to a bot improvement, and look at the meaning only.

6 segments, I look at the sentences separately to make them 12.

Duper is in C.


I’m not going to put a capital letter at the beginning or a dot at the end of a sentence now so. :slight_smile: But I understand your meaning. Please add this to sheet.


And we’re not paid for going on strike… too bad!
It’b be great to have this show of solidarity in each project, growing wings!


Well waht is this form ? never seen it.


Coucou en effet, vu que c’est les docs de kylama (on bosse souvent ensemble) j’ai fait la modification et la protection des plages, je lui ai donné l’info par mail hier. Yen a qui on du mal avec le doc et ya des infos qui disparaissent sans faire exprès :wink:


I tried to read all of the comments but there were so many. I think what I have to say has been repeated by many but since the email I received said one of the things we can do is comment here I want to make sure I comment here.

Like others said, if it can happen to french and some other languages it can happen to the rest of us.

Even if it doesn’t happen to the rest of us the French community should not be forced to accept bot translations where there are subbers to do the work

I have been so incredibly impressed with the subtitles here. I once translated a raw MTL for a chapter of a chinese novel and it was so hard.

The nuance, the word selection, the music being translated, the translator notes. They are all pretty incredible. Its one of the reasons I stay on Viki as my replacement for DramaFever. The only reason I go off of Viki to watch asian shows is when I am using my tv (Viki doesn’t have an app for it)

I am very disappointed in viki here and if I were a subber I would go on strike too (I’ve been studying up to apply for ninja academy but I won’t be doing that right now).

I believe others are right. They want to use subber’s unpaid labor to train their AI so their AI can take over.

I think it is a good idea to provide no corrections to the bots.Let the viewers get upset that the translations have gone down the tube. (I know bad translations would probably drive me more away from the site where I have other options and if they are losing viewers they will probably stop what they are doing)

I don’t like it and I support the French language community and other language communities being forced into this bot.


We shouldn’t.
We should stop volunteering to be Viki’s breakwater every.single.time!


@_lyla Therefore, I made a thread so people can voice what other problems are neglected and need improvement. Maybe you want to place it there.


Thank you!


Lyla, you are really something, really!

We protest against VIKIBOT, Guys. Till the beginning, it’s about this one situation we started this war, because of some messages and acts from viki against french community. I know that many things are not good on viki, and I hope that viki will listen to us for these things. I agree with you for all the recommendations you make. But we have to do things in order/ according situation.

We reacted like that for the vikibot that has imposed itself on us. Yes, to the French team, but tomorrow it will be the Spanish team, who knows? So, no matter whether it’s French or whatever other language, WE ARE AGAINST vikibot in general! That’s not just the french team, we don’t think like that at ALL!!!

I answered you many thing, but again, I REPEAT “I also hope that we will have changes on many things that you propose (and all other concern about other contributors for many difficult thing about viki), it concerns the progression of viki. But vikibot is about respect, quality and many other things.” IT’S ABOUT, like we said since beginning, US, contributors! For the improvement, their are other place for proposition.


I’m done!


I truly don’t believe the app is an issue right now. Besides the way that people can give bad reviews without watching the actual drama because the lack of subs, I see no mayor thing to make a strike about that part. We cannot get away with everything and we have to choose our battles wisely. The viki bot issue it HUGE ISSUE itself. It Doesn’t just affect the French Team, the viki bot has come to lots of channels and languages already and we have being covering this issue long ago just that now became to be a total mess and it’s the drop that had all of us say: this is enough. We cannot demand just anything. We are not gathered here just because the french team, this is about our community being respected and appreciated.


Have you started a strike at this moment? If you did, we would have followed you since the beginning! It’s not about JUST ONE LANGUAGE, it’s about a lot of thing. We are fed up and we have started a strike and a petition, because it is culturally so in our country. If the Spanish or Portuguese team had started a real fight like this, I can assure you that the French would have been the first to help you.

That’s the difference. By the way, it’s not the first time for french community too. NOT THE FIRST TIME VIKIBOT DID SOMETHING. So it’s not about language, it’s about fed up and persons.

PS: we do not want VIKIBOT FOR ALL LANGUAGE. That’s our real AND MAIN asking (including Spanish, your native language).

PS2: I remember that it is a French contributor who fought a lot for Wok of love, for the Portuguese and Spanish language that were exchanged. @deval_chloe

Lyla, if you want to speak about that, please think carefully before and send me a private message. Your reaction is a little too much.

PS3: Lutra made a topic for your recommandations, please go there speak about them.