Missing Badges

The problem with the Japanese badges has been going on for years now. I first had to deal with it in 2020, but even then, it already was an old problem. Back then, the Korean badges still worked fine. They stopped working properly more recently. And all this time, Viki has been aware of the issue. Yes, they do add the badges if you specifically ask for them, but they don’t seem to do anything to fix the actual problem. And keeping up with how many Japanese and Korean badges you actually deserve to have gets harder when you get more contributions and work on shows from several countries.


Oooh, I had no idea those particular badges had been buggy for so long. I caught a snippet on the forums somewhere about a potential fix in an update but it was from a while ago and I guess it wasn’t successful since the issue still persists now. But you’re right, it’ll be harder to keep track, especially after that 1 thousand badge since there’s quite a big gap with the next one. I hope a future update manages to patch the issue.