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I’ve made a post about “blind idiot” translations with many choice examples from
[Viki Community Team] French Machine Translations


:rofl: I laughed at this way harder than I should have. How do you get havermout from cereal anyways? :laughing:


Havermout is a form of ontbijtgranen. I remember some foreign students in Finland referring to it (or other kinds of porridge) as “hot cereal”. Although you can also use it cold …

Btw, cereal killer could not only refer to someone who kills cereal, but also to someone who uses cereal in some way to kill someone (just like the "Yellow Umbrella Murderer in Born Again).


That explains the low birth rate.

Found at coffee shop in China selling pizza.



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Oh, crap with soy sauce! I’m stuck in a Mongolian net! :open_mouth:


Oh god, I laughed so hard, crap with soy sauce, lol :rofl:
A little difference with a huge effect or impact!!! :astonished: :laughing:

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you can continue to laugh here:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I really cracked up with these translations! And I thought I’ve seen worse.
That’s the prize of being cultural incompetent. Tsk tsk tsk…:roll_eyes: (My apologies for my sarcasm)


The old Paul McCartney conspiracy theory has returned!


Not a mistranslation per se, but open to misinterpretation for sure.
I found this left out by the cleaning crew in the office working late one evening. I do question the cleaning power of weeing on the carpet!


Just a little spelling mistake:











Deformed man was so offensive but I couldn’t stop laughing. I can picture a man holding it in, and not using that ‘‘bathroom with such a disrespectful sign.’’

In the Chinese nail salon I have fixed many of their signs, and they laugh when they realize their mistake bc they have no idea whatsoever that the sign can be offending for some people. I have laughed like a lunatic while using their restroom bc of those ridiculous translations but I make sure they fix it before I leave (it gives them a chance to learn something new too).




(The Styx is a river between Earth and Hell in Greek mythology.)


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Ι shared some other examples here:


:ok_hand::clap: Oh yeah, I read that! I was looking for this website, I couldn’t find it! Thanks for linking it here!!
I just love to read translated signs. If they ever make an attraction in a city out of these signs or something, I’d go :joy:

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The last articles say that a translation company promoted its services using these pics and “Shenzhen Government Calls on Residents to Fix Chinglish Signs.” What a pity…


These are all so funny.

The kiss and ride sign may not be a mistranslation or mistake. I’ve seen kiss and ride signs in North America. It’s usually a designated drop off area.


Oh, This was years ago from my days working at a professional camera equipment store, so I don’t have any images for them.

The first were promotional material for a Leica camera.
“For the pretentious photo amateur.”
In the U.S. ‘pretentious’ means, " attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed." I don’t think the Leica company was thinking of that definition.

The other was just a weird translation. It was the instructions for a forced water film wash canister. “Circle to the top, up, down, round, round.” Which actually describes what happens, if you think about it. But that is not how one would describe that in English.


Not necessary a mistranslation, but I read a synopsis of a show on viki and it just somehow seemed awkward and the more I look at it, the weirder it gets. Just wanted to share. Is this just me? Or not?

My Strange Hero contains a sketch of the turbulent life of the main character Kang Bok Su. By showing Kang Bok Su’s life from his school days, this drama presents how a good teenage boy has gone bad and how he grows up into a good adult by resolving misunderstandings. Kang Bok Su was a handsome and good-natured high school student. He willingly helped his schoolmates who were in trouble and fought against anything he believed unfair and unreasonable. Naturally, most of his schoolmates liked him. One day, however, he was falsely accused of bullying his classmates and ended up being expelled from school. Even his girlfriend and best friend didn’t trust and betrayed him. Now, as a grownup, he plans to go back to the high school and take revenge on those who framed him and made him suffer since his teenage years. However, things start to go wrong. Bok Su gets to be involved in a series of incidents and falls in love in the high school.


The first one is to prevent people of drinking too much jajaja