Moderators who hoard channels

Now sure about what you want us to check/analyze there.
But… I just saw that you are German mod on my channel “The Last Time I saw Paris” since years ago and German has only 2% subtitles (first 4 minutes of the film). And no German subbers in the team.

@irmar To the last time I Saw Paris - LOL I have an alibi, I think it was last year (not to sure about that) when I was looking for a movie to translate. Yes, no team because this “little” amount I can do myself. And old movies are not that popular. I had some good memories about the movie, so I wanted to do it. I started, and as I am not in the comfortable position to plan the time I can contribute, too often I am interrupted, like back then, yes a little amount was done, but if I do a project sometimes I use minutes to contribute (Many a little makes a mickle.). So, from one weekend to the next I think the channel went to famous room “404”.
I think, I even wrote to you and you were as informed as me (should I say as usual at Viki).

Well, about the topic here, I just wanted to know if it looks like I am hoarding, and if it does, why so?

Re “Paris”… So are you going to resume it at some point? I know it’s restricted for me right now, I don’t know about your country…

About the topic. You don’t have that many projects to begin with, and most of them are done, so, no, you wouldn’t even be a suspect. Why?

@irmar about “Paris”
There is no channel for me at all. I would resume it probably, if my time permits it. But I rarely saw any channel that was gone coming back. For those that came back, most of them didn’t get a European license so no license, no access.

About the topic, I actually got called a hoarder, someone who wouldn’t finish her projects, not forming teams, because I am probably not team-minded. People not knowing, didn’t ask about the so called unfinished jobs, they just assumed it by reading my contribution. I have been so many years at Viki and a quarter of my subtitle contribution doesn’t even show, because the channels are gone.
All in all, I was curious, when people here are calling someone a hoarder, what are the “qualifications”? (:wink: )

I hope I don’t qualify as a “hoarder” or a “hog” because I have worked on over 200 Kdramas. But except for one channel which was licensed only for Europe, where we have few volunteers for Korean to English, I have a 100% completion rate for subbing in English – every episode at least at 95% reasonably soon after uploading. And that one channel which isn’t subbed in English is soon going to be licensed in the US so I have already recruited subbers for it.
I often do work with the same people in several other languages who have the same completion rate as I do --100%. These other mods competently handle multiple channels simultaneously because there are lots of subbers working with them.

What I call hoarders are the people who take on roles as moderators but their language on all or nearly all but one or two episodes has zero subtitles. These people have all of these channels as empty trophies. They can’t ever complete the channels they already have because every time there is a new channel, they are named as their language moderator on the new channel but they never recruit anyone to sub.


Very strange, I can see “Paris” alright, it’s just restricted for my region. Weird things…

It’s not that I am too lazy to answer your question, it’s just that there is a perfect answer already. Just know that it’s exactly what I would have written as well.

If you want me to analyze your contributions, I did it, since I had a bit of time this morning.
I looked at the shows where you didn’t have any contributions:
Don’t Dare to Dream, On The Way to the Airport, Detroit Metal City, Nirvana in Fire - Complete. You didn’t do any subs but you probably had another editor
The shows where you did make subs are also complete.
I found only two incomplete ones:
A Thousand Kisses you left after episode 5 (of 50)
Manny: 8 episodes out of 16 are done. A bit sporadically, too. 1-6 and then 9, 13. Strange.

Two incomplete shows and one incomplete film are by no means enough to qualify someone as a hoarder, since there may be a million reasons why they were left like that. Maybe the subbers left, the license was gone (as for “Paris”), or whatever.
In the case of “A Thousand Kisses” maybe the subbers left because it was so bad. I read a hilarious review on that show:


@irmar -
LOL I can contribute a bit on the information about Manny and A Thousand Kisses.
Haha, for Manny I was added a segmenter, I don’t even remember who did it, but they wouldn’t take me off either. I have no talent for segmenting at all. Anyway the drama had its up and downs, but the volunteers did complete the drama (Eng subtitles) back then with no delay, but the channel was on and off. Then back again, for some with license others without. It was uploaded by the volunteers back then and the spirit was completely different.
A Thousand Kisses - there you have me being a German moderator with seemingly zero contribution - but it kind of was a “special job”. The CM could have made me an English moderator or whatever but because I am from Germany she gave me the position German moderator, with the knowledge that I wouldn’t touch a 50 episode drama at that time. But I was there for the viewers, information about the uploading time, for them to rant, to play while waiting for subtitles. For the segmenting team to chat, for the uploader to pass time until the download of the videos was done. For taking care about unacceptable comments. You won’t see any of it, since Viki changed the comment area. But let’s not get moody about the changed times …
Story of that drama took of too … The " Korean board of ethics and what not" was involved in this, the production got a “yellow card”, because of the in-law complications on 2 sisters love story. Today we would probably smile about it, but back then it was “offensive” to some Korean viewers and many complained about lax morals.
There were 2 other German moderators taking on the project towards the end of it airing or after airing, I can’t recall that, so I didn’t block anyone from contributing to this drama in my native language (just to explain the circumstances).
You do not see that subtitles are complete?

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By this definition, I could also be called a hoarder, having many projects where I didn’t contribute one single letter. However, the situation with my language is a peculiar one.

Croatian, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian and so on are languages so similar in nature, that if I see a person translating in one of them, and I’m a Croatian mod on the same project, I will not start the series. However, I must point out that I first check the quality of the other similar languages, and if it doesn’t meet my standards, I proceed with translating it to my language. I feel it would be almost sinful to use my time translating the same thing somebody else is already translating, while many projects on Viki are not translated to my or similar languages.


thousand_2 thousand_kisses

But that’s not the point. You don’t have to explain yourself for just two shows! We know there are special circumstances, and you will find some, as I already said, on my own profile. This thread is for people who have 10, 20, 30 projects with zero subs, or just 1-2 episodes subbed and the other at zero.
You have nothing to do with this category.

When I started as a subtitler in 2015, every German team had a deadline of 7 days for one episode. So I adopted this method, when I started to moderate a drama. I was editor for a drama where the moderator tried to complete one episode within 24 hours, but although the team did it once or twice, the quality of the subs dropped significant.

I have shortened the deadline to 5 days for on air K-Dramas and 6 days for Chinese dramas, but it’s not easy to be timely, there’s always someone who forgot the deadline or started last minute, just to encounter some problems.

German moderators are almost every time active on their projects, they are part of the subtitling team or help at least with the edits. If someone has zero subs, it’s mostly a co-moderator, who is responsible for the coverpage or a hoarder.


Don’t dare to dream - Lutra wasn’t the original German moderator or part of the German team, I was the moderator and this drama is fully translated, edited and closed. For all I know, she was added one or two years later for other reasons, maybe for the time comments, but I’m not sure. :slightly_smiling_face:

For Nirvana in Fire, Lutra was first second editor and later subtitler. I was co-moderator and editor for NIF.

And I have no access to the movie, too. Error 404.

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See? Exactly what I mean. As I was added to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon as a Timed Comments Zapper (I just invented the title, but the job is real :slight_smile: )

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@irmar sorry my bad, it was late and I read on from the quote of cgwm. I mixed that somehow. So I thought you ment the English subtitles wouldn’t be complete, for Manny I was no moderator at all.

I know, I don’t need to explain, but still want to, I got asked to be moderator at
Don’t Dare to Dream but didn’t take the job, the position is still there but another person took this project and did so from the start of the drama.
On the Way to the Airport, - I got English mod position, since I saw some typos while watching, because the person in charge knew me for a long time trusted me, telling me to edit it and lock the videos again.
Detroit Metal City - German mod position, because I like rock and metal and sometimes “strange cinema”. A fellow Vikian friend asked if she could translate because she had time to do a movie’s length project, so I gave her the mod position, and she subbed it by herself.
Nirvana on Fire - I was only trying to sub and edited a bit. It was a try on Chinese drama and didn’t work out.

20-30 mod positions with zero contribution. I can’t even imagine this!

That’s slightly incorrect. I was the German moderator from the very beginning and asked for this position as soon as the channel manager signsofserendipity was appointed from Viki. Many, many months before it was licensed and on air. I found you as a second German moderator some months ago and asked cgwm, why suddendly a second German moderator was added. She told me, she needed someone for the time comments.

Something came across my mind, reading your original post. I had always thought that those 3000 subs were needed for a new volunteer to learn Viki’s guidelines, as well as how teamwork and English-to-Other-Languages transition functions on Viki. A volunteer will not improve much in translating quality in those 3000 subs unless they have a darn good teacher.

However, it now occurred to me that for a beginner, who is so ambitious that they want to become a mod right away, it’s some sort of a wake up call. If they find it difficult to sub 3000 lines in a reasonable amount of time, how are they going to manage subbing a whole series?

This would be optimal if the CM of a series a potential moderator has applied for, is also a CM of a movie. Then the CM could redirect the newbie to a movie instead to prove their worth. If the CM doesn’t have a movie to offer, perhaps it would be beneficial to have good communication, a network of sorts, between various CMs, where one CM could “borrow” another CM’s movie to test their newbie mod.

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Well if that is considered Hoarding then I’m very glad you do because what would happen if we didn’t have you in our teams? And besides that seggers and Korean - English subbers also get invites to help out on channels. Is it considered hoarding to accept an invite? @angelight313_168
Good Korean - English subbers are limited on Viki, that’s why you see them everywhere.

Maybe I’m considered a hoarder too but in the past I really had a hard time saying no to a friend when I got an invite and I wanted to return the favor.


I do not recall the situation exactly, I only know that the drama was airing in the first year after my father passed away. My mom went in and out of the hospital that time. Seeing cgwm was the CM, I thought it was one of the projects she asked me to join. Sorry, if my bad memory made you upset.

@irmar - That review of A Thousand Kisses is hilarious.


I’m not upset :slight_smile: It’s just natural to wonder and ask the channel manager, if you find a new moderator in your language at a later time, esp. if your drama was fully completed.

I’m curious, how did you find out that those moderators have different profile pages, but are the same person?

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