Most Famous food around the world

I guess I found a Swiss trademark in my character I wasn’t aware of. LOL I am like that in many things, but I can’t hold back the German straightforwardness too long.

I remember it as expensive too. But the surroundings and the possibilities it offers Lago Maggiore, Lorcarno, just a small tour on the ferry and you are in Italy, even the feeling in Ascona is more Italian than Swiss I would say. Gelati was great there and walking in the late afternoons, my first time playing mini-golf was there. Oh, and the not too far away Verzasca Valley, lovely place. I remember that they were baking fresh bread in an old oven outside and everyone would stay longer at the place just to get a really fresh bread and it smelled and tasted great.
Oh, I forgot one place where I went on a so called youth camp, from our church in my hometown. There was one always organizing 2-week holidays, so the youngsters could travel. The last tour to the Swiss, because it went more expensive was in the early 80’s to a town called Brienz, I remember eating a lot of so-called hot sandwiches, with ham, cheese (Brienzer Mutschler), tomatoes grilled until the cheese melted and mmh, was so good and somewhat affordable for us in our teens. What we enjoyed too, was a Tee-Stube in Brienz a place to drink tea, and we would get addicted to their orange tea, not a Swiss product for sure, but a memory.


I see so much food and most of sll them I would’nt like. That is so sad :sob::scream:

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What food or ingredients do you like?


Well look at that @maria_lavendula_77, and @mirjam_465, mentioned in 2020, and 2023!! :smiley:


I’ve heard the name, but I watched this family make it online, during the year of the lockdown. It starts at marker 5:41. :blush:

Great discussion, and the heart of the posters are passionate. :heart:

Riaz shares a compact experience of family, culture, history, travel, and food! He’s got family from different Caribbean islands, and lives in the UK/England!
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One thing that many think about when talking about Swedish fika might be. Some people like it I’m not totally sold on it but we all like what we like… :wink:
“Kladdkaka - Swedish sticky chocolate cake - Caroline’s Cooking” Kladdkaka - Swedish sticky chocolate cake

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Normaly Viki will tell you if you are writing about something that’s already in a thread but not this time.

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I’m with you on this one. :relaxed:

They do? Based on the two separate post, I’ve learned there are different fillings. I’d hands down grab a filling with cheese toppings. :grin:

Koreans’ most beloved dish of all time:
Samgyeopsal • 삼겹살.

:jamaica: :hibiscus: Jamaican Easter Bun :yum: :hibiscus: :jamaica: