Most rewatchable dramas ever

Which ones do you think you can watch over and over again because they just don’t get old?? I think its always the funny ones that make this list :woman_shrugging:
These legends: their plots don’t involve too much mystery or suspense, but the characters and comedy are gold everytime i watch them again

Lost Romance: I’ve already watched it thrice and it released only last year, its plot is too funny to get boring


My most rewatched - I wouldn’t say they are re-watchable for everyone, but depending on my mood I go back to these

just to name a few …


On Viki

On Ntflx
Crash Landing on You
It’s Okay not to be Okay

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@lutra Definite Kim Sam Soon (My Lovely Sam Soon)! One of my all time favourites. I love Sam Soon’s character.

There’s also:

I’ll never forget when Ji-Eun sang that “bear” song to Young Jae’s grandmother :laughing:

I love Eun Chan’s tough character outside but actually, she is gentle on the inside. And Han Gyeol’s many funny expressions are classisc!

Just love, love, love the chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae!

Most of you may know the remake of this drama, You are my Destiny, 2020, and the Korean and Thai (both of the same title, You are My Destiny, 2014) version, but I still love this 2008 version the most!

Despite their age differences, the chemistry between Wu Shuang and Lucas is electrifying!

Others not found on Viki are:

  1. Devil Beside You, 2005 (staring Rainie Yang and Mike He)
  2. It Started with a Kiss, 2005 (staring Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng and Jiro Wang)
  3. They Kissed Again, 2007 (sequel to It Started with a Kiss)

Fantasy/Funny/love them! MY #1 favorites


Mine too, I am living on my memory for this one, since last year it’s not accessible for me. Sigh! Same goes for Coffee Prince, My Queen, and some other older K-dramas.
The others not to be found here … Are pretty much those I watched in my early days of discovering Asian dramas.


The others not to be found here … Are pretty much those I watched in my early days of discovering Asian dramas.

Same for me! That was the time when I discovered my true love for Taiwanese dramas.


When I “stumbled” over Asian dramas, I didn’t know where they were coming from, then I found Viki and back then the laws were a bit gray, so it was possible to upload content from many countries. I miss that variety a little but well, now as a bigger company it must pay off.
It was here where I got to know a bit of Korean, Mandarin, a.s.o. … The different broadcasters, cultural things … I miss that exchange too, but we cannot stop time everything is in motion …


Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo will be THE ONE that really doesn’t get boring


Love and have watched all of these but Secret Love… since I love all the others on this list I think I can say we like similar things so now I have to watch Secret Love!!!


I see here many dramas I would rewatch or did rewatch, probably because they left some kind of memory in me, or perhaps they were the earliest dramas when I discovered Asian dramas. But My Lovely Sam Soon is a classic that will always be cute :wink: :

  • Queen SeonDeok
  • Secret Garden
  • Jumong
  • The Slave Hunter
  • Healer
  • Kill Me, Heal Me
  • DOTS



I can guarantee you that you are going to love this one bc it’s so intense, and romantically passionate (a rare thing around here lately). That’s my most favorite one of all. I’ve already seen that one over 3 times, and today I had this urge to watch again lol

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Ok, now I’m intrigued, love all the deep and intense stuff. Need to put it on my watchlist. :slight_smile:


It has award winning hot kisses and a passionate bed scene bc Ji Sung and
Hwang Jung Eum
(which is my number 1 actress/Ha Ji Won #2 Lee Min Jung #3)
Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum deserve to get awards when it comes to kissing scenes. They are the best in my opinion! You never see me complaining about them kissing scenes, they’re so good at it!


Just checked, it’s region blocked for me on viki. Need to figure out where to watch it. Seems like something i would like though


Check YT. Gonna check if I can help you with that. It’s a shame with that region crap most REALLY GOOD dramas are denied for viewers to watch here. This site has declined so much…breaks my heart :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:


Can’t say that I’ve re-watched a particular show in its entirety, I’ve got a To watch: list that has outpaced the number of hours I can spare to going back to previously watched shows, but I do re-watch some favourite bits/episodes.
The office chair kiss scene from What’s wrong with secretary Kim? is my favourite and being only ~5 mins long it’s a quick comedy fix (reckon I’ve probably see it an unhealthy 30+ times now)

Although ‘I am not a robot’ is my favourite show, I can’t spare the time to re-watch all 32 episodes but I have re-watched ep2-19 about 3 times times already.
but DISASTER! I went back to it a week or two ago to reference something for another comment only to find that it’s gone “not available in your region” all of a sudden. ARRRRRHHHH! Why you do this to me Viki! They should be there forever! NOOOooooooo! :sob::sob:
(I suspect that [Kocowa] labelling that I never took notice of before might have something to do with it :angry:) Now what am I going to do with my re-watching OCD?!!


My most rewatched would be…

I’ve actually watched Season 1 of Well-Intended Love more but I enjoy both

If Choco Bank were available in my area I’d probably watch it again and again, it’s just too cute

Already posted by others
W:Two Worlds
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Emergency Couple

I could probably go on as there are so many I love, most of my rewatched dramas are in my collections Sweet Dramas and Romance without the Bit@hes


Guardian the Lonely and Great God - Goblin - My #1 Favorite - Gong Yoo
Love from a Star - Kim Soo Hyun
Wok of Love - Junho
Her Private Life - Kim Jae Wook
Encounter - Just for Park Bo Gum
I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice - Seo Kang Joon
Oh My Venus - Ji Sub
T - Drama: Lost Romance - Marcus Chang
And others already mentioned like W- Two Worlds

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as lutra said, the laws used to be a bit gray but now its different and every show has to be licensed to everyregion…it’s not a problem with Viki itself :persevere: the older dramas aren’t as popular so Viki wouldn’t keep licensing it

the moment I saw this I was so filled with terror that I immediately checked my own to see whether it was still available…it was my first and all-time favourite drama and I filled that request form for it almost every day to get it on Viki…IT’S STILL AVAILABLE TO ME THANK GOODNESS!!!