Most ridiculous subbing complaint you ever received

   This topic is especially directed to Channel Managers and Moderators.   

What is the most ridiculous subbing complaint you ever received?
I’ve been a volunteer at viki for 11 years so I have seen literally thousands of complaints in many languages complaining about the absence of subtitles or the speed in which the subitltles are produced. On some days, if I check the on-screen comments for just one episode I have seen as many as 400 complaints in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic and Hindi. (The last two languages I check through an online translator). The whiners never receive any cheese from me, just a big red X.
Have you ever received a complaint which made you want to be transported through cyberspace to physically assault the whiner?
I am Chief Editor on True Beauty which is usually subbed in English within 4 - 5 hours of upload. Not the fastest subbing I’ve experienced but definitely top twenty. Despite this speed, a viewer had the audacity to pm me to complain as follows:"I woke up extra early to watch episode 4 this morning and there are no subtitles. "
Segmenting began at 6:28:32 PST and the whiner wrote to me at 7:12 am PST, 44 minutes later, although segmenting was still in progress. My response started with “Are you insane?”
Are you more tolerant than me or have you also received complaints which provoke your inner assertiveness?


My goodness they’re getting so brazen now here at this site. I honestly don’t have any complains about TRUE BEAUTY in that department bc the subs are always there, and good quality subs/ seg timing are all in sync so I’m really shocked to see this.

I’m sorry I found it so funny and laughed, but is that i have never seen/read anything where you sound so upset, and I totally agree with you that person must be INSANE. What they going to do when the drama is over? Go more insane I predict or watch endlessly.

You have been very tolerant I have seen such ridiculous complains about the subs, and I think what bothers me more is the lack of appreciation towards volunteers when the drama includes the pretty boys that in my opinion can’t act and just bc of their pretty face get raving viewership. Maybe bc I’m too old, the drama gets on my nerves bc they look to old to be High School kids BUT that doesn’t stop me from watching bc I want to see how this ends.

So on my part, thank you so much for some great English subtitles and especially to have segments that are in synch and gives me time to read and move to the other scenes. I swear lately here some dramas you have to pause several times to finish reading the sub and that’s so annoying. I think that’s what turns me off to apply to be a CM or Moderator the fact that people don’t appreciate all the time, energy and work, volunteers do while working in this drama.


Oh, the things I read on True Beauty… I avoided reading the comments on that one :sweat_smile:

I can’t remember the exact comment I got angry at or the drama, but it is one of the only comments I reacted to as a moderator. It was something in the line of “why are the volunteers so lazy? Why can’t they just do their jobs?” :woman_facepalming:

I can’t remember what I wrote… :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t want to assault them irl though, just want to ask them why they feel so entitled (probably because they think we are getting paid, but still).


I’ve seen that comment about lazy lots of times. I have seen “I know they are volunteers but they made a commitment so they should keep it.” I fully understand that life happens so even if volunteers commit to subbing, there are priorities in life which are more important such as personal health, family, work and school so I don’t feel it is appropriate for the viewers to make moral or ethical judgments about subbers. So occasionally when I receive a pm about laziness or lack of commitment, I reply “Should I fire them or take back all the money I paid them?”
But I started the topic because I thought the pm I quoted was so laughable.



:+1: I know I’ve read some ridiculous(ly funny) ones, but could only remember this one. Maybe someone else does :smile:


I was helping out on one channel to clean up the whining comments by flagging them. I came across a conversation which went on like this:

Whiner: Why no subs? Blah-blah-blah. What an unprofessional site.
CM: Hi, Whiner. Here is how the subbing process works on Viki… An episode takes up to 6 hours to be fully translated by our wonderful team. Please support us.
Whiner: Instead of replying to me here, you should be subbing.


Idiots are ubiquitous.


Answer: “We held back on the subbing speed just for you, so that you could get enough sleep.”


My answer to them would be. “Please, we need volunteers to help subtitle. How fast can you become fluent?” :laughing::sunglasses:

[quote=“feyfayer, post:3, topic:35450”]
“why are the volunteers so lazy? Why can’t they just do their jobs?” :woman_facepalming:

I can’t remember what I wrote… :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t want to assault them irl though, just want to ask them why they feel so entitled (probably because they think we are getting paid, but still).

:partying_face: I feel for you guys. I worked on tech support for so many years and over the years had so many angry customers telling me, "What kind of tech are you that you can’t answer my question (instantly)! They must think I am a walking encyclopedia who knows everything about all technology and every single software program out there and every bug that makes things break. :roll_eyes:

It is the people with the least amount of knowledge who make these types of complaints. They don’t have a CLUE what is involved in computers or doing subtitles.

To retain my sanity when dealing with "the public’ I developed the philosophy, “I only have to deal with these guys during this call. They have to live with themselves for the rest of their lives.” It kind of puts it in perspective and prevented me from pulling out my hair in frustration when dealing with the ignorant and inconsiderate rabble out there.

I don’t even think it’s worth the time to educate entitled people. They will just slam themselves up against walls all the time and be very frustrated until they stop to figure it out.

But I think cgwm808 has the correct response. "“Should I fire them or take back all the money I paid them?” yep! That is the correct response! :rofl: :grin:


Have you ever thought about becoming a stand-up comedian?


It hadn’t crossed my mind yet … :joy:


@cgwm808, been there, done that, and gave up on those entitled complainers! The one about “irresponsible subbers who are not doing their job” really got me, when we were trying to sub a really difficult medical drama way back when before we even had any medical terms compiled. I used to enjoy reading viewers’ comments to discuss the content of the drama or a specific episode, but now I don’t even read comments since majority of the comments are complaints about subbing. I really think Viki should step up and communicate with their subscribers better to protect the volunteers, instead of leaving it up to the volunteers for not only doing all the work, but also to fend for themselves. Let me know if you need some help with True Beauty.


Um… I used to get in trouble all the time for being a comedian in class. I warmed the principle’s bench quite often. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


If you ever decide to do it though, I’ll be the first to buy a ticket :joy:
Polite aggressiveness is always the funniest.
Replying something like “Here at Viki, we respect all audiences’ sleep, thus we ensure to provide subs at just the right time. Please feel free to sleep in as much as you’d like.” both infuriates the whiner and confuses them so they usually have nothing to say, They can’t attack you for being mean/rude and you still pull it off looking like a professional because of all that formal writing. :joy::sunglasses:


(someone has worked with the irritable public in a past life. ) :smirk:


I’ve met too many people in this life itself who aren’t looking for an answer, they’re just looking to accuse. Losing your temper only gives them more of an advantage…I found out the hard way :grimacing: Speaking politely gives you the satisfaction of seeing their faces when they realise you’re not going to stoop to their level and engage in a cat fight.


Well, I am not a moderator or CM to receive complaints but I think it’s funny when I see complaints about sub on dramas that aren’t even released on their originals countries.


Yes – we start subbing immediately after the broadcast is over in Korea.


I feel like saying "Really?? Subtitles are there. They were done as soon as the episode was released. You can’t see it?? Maybe your account has some issues. Please log back out and log back in about 24 hours so that system can reset " :slight_smile:

I think lot of viewers think that subbers are all paid workers and they are just being lazy. I don’t think they have any idea how long it takes for one episode to be fully ready.

Hats off to all the awesome people working on Viki who give their time and energy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think a large majority of viewers doesn’t care who the team members are and what they do. They just want the final product. Not that I blame them. But then they shouldn’t really complain. Because why expect a segger or a subber to care about the viewer while completely disregarding the reverse?


:rofl::joy::joy: you’ll have to reply to a thousand “It’s not working.” replies. But it’ll be worth it knowing they’re sitting there waiting 24 hours :joy: