Most ridiculous subbing complaint you ever received


And if after those 24 hours the translation is not yet finished, we tell them the problem is still persisting and our tech team is working on it.

And then the tech team starts getting messages: “You lazy technicians! Why don’t you fix things, so that I can watch my show with subtitles!”


And the Help Center will probably reply “This is a volunteer community, please wait for our volunteers to subtitle the show.” :joy:


I see we have another budding standup comedian here.


Maybe we can all do a show together. :wink:


We can ask the complainers to help find the lyrics to guess the song!


They are too much! :joy:


I didn’t experience this first hand but on the on-air project I’m working on now, we usually finish subtitling mostlyyyy in one day or even less, but the thing is, before subtitling in your language you should wait for the segmentors + English subtitlers + English editors to finish.
I heard from the moderator that there are people who PM her to ask for subtitles and I’m like ???
Our team is really limited and each one does from 2-3 parts, so like I think finishing in one day (including the editing) is such an achievement, so I really hope people would stop PM’ing for subtitles, subtitlers are doing their best.

This is honestly their problem, idk what to say, at this point I’m convinced that only subtitlers understand how hard it is, I go on reviews on channels all the time to flag comments because honestly it’s reakky annoying


Ignore, ignore, ignore…

Perhaps if it were one viewer who kept bothering me as the Mod, I would copy-paste the generic explanation about the subtitling. And if the person wouldn’t stop after that, well, you can always relay the problem to Viki’s staff. I’m sure there is at least one staffer who’s entire job is to deal with these crazies. Bless their heart, keep up the good work.


Oh dear, definitely not the level of insanity some of you have experienced, but my favorite so far must have been when the subtitling for other languages (for Word of Honor) was still around ep6. I am translating this solo, and barring any tragic irl issues which may delay one day, I have the episodes subbed within 8 hours of the go signal, so by the evening of the same day. So when I received a message from someone asking when episode 28 (which had released that day for viki) would be done and if they could do it themselves, I gave them a customer service-adjacent response and spent the day in incredulous wonder because I was thinking, yeah we get it, it’s a top notch episode, please calm down… (Later, I’d come to wonder if the horrendous project finder was partially to blame and yet…)


The project finder is truly horrible


Epilogue. A few days ago I got an apology for the January, 2021 complaint about getting up early to watch and being disappointed there were no subs.
The viewer said "This was my first time watching a show as it aired, and did not realize it wasn’t already subbed when uploaded at the time. I thought it was an error and had been uploaded without the subs. My apologies, the subbing was great, and keep up the good work. Promise I’m not insane, I genuinely just thought episodes were uploaded with subs. This was back in January, and I definitely know that is not how the process works now. I have begun my education on Korean now as well, hope all is well, thanks for the advice, keep up the good work. (:
The person actually started to study Korean!


It’s so nice of the person to come back and apologize after finding out they’re wrong! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh wow, god tier plot twist. That’s so nice to hear :purple_heart:


Better late than never. Kudos to the fan who complained :rose:and to you and your team for your patience. :rose: