Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


You guys are like BEASTS!!! WOWSERS!


Join us if you are done with candy extortion!

Then if we are up to is Vampire Cleanup Department

It’s only 10:42 pm here and 9:45 for Sweetybird


Vamps are US!

Vampire Cleanup Department!


I wanted to watch that one


It was cute, we can do it another time if you want


Long Ballad tonight 7 pm Eastern - I’m Dying to get this going again!!!



Are we starting with episode 27 tonight?


Yes - @porkypine90_261 hopefully caught up to you and me and @natyh


Baddie is BACK! Long Ballad 7 pm Eastern


uh maybe not? lol I’ll join anyway . :smiley:


Long Ballad 9 pm Eastern 11/2


Oh! WE HAVE to add this to our watch party list!

Oh My General - youtube trailer


Another on my LIST and we need to add Abyss!


Trailer 1

This one LOOKS so Good! and fun and fast paced!

So just know that we have so many we want to WATCH Party that we will be here until the year 2050 or more hanging out with each other - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Trailer 2

See I go down a rabbit hole! Watching Trailers!!! One comment - Super Romantic!!!


You’re not kidding. I leave for 45 minutes, and you’ve added so many to the list. I have seen ALL of them, BTW.


Well that isn’t good when need to watch things you have not seen!!! Right!!!

I guess we still need to VOTE


Hadn’t we decided to do Lost Romance?


I think I will let you guys who hv not seen Lost Romance run that one!

I realized I hv TOO many new ones coming up I want to watch plus Red Sky???



But half the fun was going to be you oohing & awhing over Marcus.


I know RIGHT! And his Gorgeous hands!:two_hearts: