Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


Long Ballad
Watch Party
7 pm Eastern
Eps 27
Monday, Nov 1st


Are we running Perfect Match tonight at 4 or 5 PM Mountain time? 6 or 7 pm ET?

Here’s the link to Scared of Goblins. (Named In case everyone is out extorting candy tonight rather than attending a watch party - Perfect Match - EP 17 -


I should be around.


Sorry gang. I got my Covid booster Friday afternoon and it made me feel a little crappy all weekend. Low-grade fever, body aches, slight headache. I’m feeling better today but going to turn in early tonight since my posterior is dragging today. I’ll touch base on Monday and see what is going on.


We’re on 17 for Perfect Match? was there a watch party yesterday I flaked out on?


lol Uhm… which EP are we on then? :thinking: :blush:

I have to keep an ear out for goblins. I don’t know if any will show up tonight. It is very cold here today and that covid is killing all the fun.


Friday we watched 10, 11, & 12, so we should be on 13. I don’t get Trick or Treaters, I’m too rural, and almost all the kids where I live go to one densely populated area (for weeks before halloween there’s a donation box in the local grocery store for candy, it gets distributed to the neighbourhood) (small town living, lol)


Ok! 13 it is!

I understand rural. I used to live out on the backside of the reservation for 22 years. closest neighbor was 1/4 mile away. No door to door but they did have masquerades at the district lodge every year. Those were a lot of fun.

Because it is hard for me to shovel snow and it was SO FAR OUT… I moved to town after my hubby passed. and tonight I don’t think there will be any door to door. It is very cold. It just started drizzling mixed with snow. The kids will probably do the trunk or treat or indoor places this year. I would be surprised if a kid showed up tonight.

We had zero last year but that was due to Covid.


Oh, lovely, thunder, lightning, rain, and sleet. Nope! The goblins will hole up tonight.


I’m here with my little goblin friend !!!


No one has shown up here. Too cold and rainy.I may cancel the watch party since people seem to be busy tonight. I’ll wait till 5 15 MT and canel is there isn’;t anyone present.


We hv had no one either at my friend’s house



Well. It’s 7 pm ET I’ll leave the window open till 7:15 ET than cancel it if no one shows up


it won’t let me post just oops


Ok…Since it’s just us, let’s pick a movie


can you pick I’m trying to finish a crochet project quickly


Ok… Swashbuckler. Chief of Thieves

Go ahead and join. I am not quite ready to watch yet. Need to get snacks. finish your crochet.


Next up Love in the Kitchen


Next up. Till Death do Us Part

teleparty extension link **