Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


Marcus Chang is one guy I just CANNOT help oohing and awhing over! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Instant stream of hearts pouring out of my eyes!


I want to watch Red Sky too hahaha


Long Ballad Tonight 8:30 or 9 Eastern - I should be back and I’ll let everyone know!!!

Eps 29 or 30 I can’t remember!!!



RED Sky rather than Lost Romance!


I’m here let me get the link and I need to go change!

Hotties in the House




So We Have Decided to Watch Red Sky NEXT as our watch party - After Long Ballad which we still have about 20 eps. I will be glad to RUN - Red Sky! We might not get past the chest episode :laughing:


Whomever wants to do Lost Romance - Just find someone to be the Watch Party Moderator and you can set up your times and days!


Oh!! I am working on a new movie that just dropped this morning. It is GOOD! A great one for a short movie night.

Along With The Gods: Two Worlds


Did I just see that D.O. is in that - D.O.zie - LoveFest! 2021
I can’t wait for 100 Days My Prince in 2022


7 pm est is 4:30 am in my country
So … That time is not comfortable for me… sorry…


We should do some more 1 pm Eastern Sunday Watch Parties of Short or Movies so others can join at that time!!!



How about 11 am ?
It’s more comfortable for us
And it’s Sunday so, probably most of your region people will be free enough to join…


I can’t do 11 am but I could do like 12:15 pm Eastern - but someone else might be able to do 11 am


Isn’t your time zone EST?


Yes - it is! 11 am isn’t good 12:15 pm or 12:30 on Sundays works better - that is why I said 1 pm Eastern


9:45 pm for me, it’s fine… I’ll join for a movie.
I don’t know if I get caught by my mom,I may leave…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Late night shows are banned these days…


I’ve heard this is a legendary movie among the Korean crowd… AND D.O is in it!! Can’t wait! Should we do a WP?


Ahhh my fellow Cinderella :joy::joy: We are true sisters!

I’ve found that your 1PM EST time works for me because y’all always seem to be watching till I log in at 8AM my time… though I miss stuff, at least I get to be there for some time with my sleepy-eyed, drama-crazed fangirls :joy::joy:


YES, HE IS! I’ve been segmenting this show all morning. The segging window is small and not that great a resolution. I’ve been thinking. Dang! This guy looks so MUCH like D.O. So I finally took a moment to look it up and YEP! D.O. is in it!

Yes, I will have the timing finished today. It came with English subs (They are good subs) so we can watch it already. It will take a while for the TE, GE and other language editors to work on it.


Do we want to do a 1pm watch party on Sunday!!!???



ALONG WITH THE GODS! It is a really good movie!

Kind of like the Buddhist version of Dante’s Inferno (or vice versa.)

Star Wars / Star Trek - both tripping around the galaxy.

Buddhist Scripture / Dante’s Inferno - both about judgement in the afterlife.

(@sweetybirdtoo - Same difference ahahahahahaha)