Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


I’ll be there unless I completely flake out.


Is your name porky by any chance?


Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:


Alright. Who’s running the show?


You guys tell the Watch Party Overlord who you want to run the show - I’m easy!

@natyh @porkypine90_261

One of you want to run the show or you want me to?? I do like to rewind


I love the way you name it haha
Go ahead!!


Do you know how hard it is to think up names! I let them pop in my head!


Go ahead overlord. I have some things to finish up I may be a bit late but I’ll try to be on time.


Where is the Link? Discord?


On Discord Too

Perfect Match


lol, watch parties remind me of when I was a kid, you hang up first.


That’s so true! :rofl:


I remember doing that or falling asleep with my phone! hahahahahaha!


Let’s Talk Lost Romance???
@vivi_1485 @sweetybirdtoo @stardust2466_546 @natyh @porkypine90_261 @my_happy_place

Perfect Match - Tomorrow 8pm Eastern 10-29
Saturday and Sunday also if you guys want a watch party!!!

Long Ballad starts back on Monday - 7pm Eastern


I changed the heading for tomorrow’s WP. If you leave me a message when you decide on any further parties after that, I will try to make sure to change the header when I get a chance.


I’m fairly flexable if it’s afternoon or evenings. I don’t do morning. :slight_smile:


lol you stole my words


So, are we going to start Lost Romance once we end The perfect match?
Now I want to watch that one hahaha
And I’m missing our bad hottie!!



After we finish Long Ballad - Do You Want to Watch or Re-Watch Lost Romance as our 7pm
Watch Parties!!!

  • Lost Romance
  • Something Else

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@vivi_1485 @sweetybirdtoo @stardust2466_546 @natyh @porkypine90_261 @my_happy_place

I cannot believe how many people have not seen this!!!


Never even heard of it until last night when you talked about it. :sunglasses:

So if the watch party is at 6 PM Mountain time tonight, I have plenty of time to make a kimchi and bulgogi run! See you in a couple of hours!