Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


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I know! Blame it on HAPPY who is HAPPILY doing something in REAL LIFE and making us ALL WAIT for her return! :laughing:


I’m venturing over to your Mountain time zone, but I’ll still be too far away to drop by. :laughing:




Before we move on to Lost Romance!!! :smile:

Guys - The weather here is nasty so I’m not going out tonight we are back to 7pm if you want.
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**For Perfect Match **
and the Kiss REWATCH


I’m in! I don’t have any problem starting at 7 because it’s raining cats and dogs in here so I’m not going anywhere


Seems like it’s stormy everywhere today. It’s been pouring here too.


The leaves on my walk today and it is freezing outside and windy and rainy!


@porkypine90_261 @sweetybirdtoo @natyh @stardust2466_546 @vivi_1485

Hey - Guys! I am not feeling the greatest this afternoon -evening!
@porkypine90_261 - might you want to run the watch party tonight - or @natyh
I’m not sure if I will join or not!

I’ll keep checking back until 8 pm to see if someone wants to take over tonight!

I’m going to lay down - you guys go ahead without me just let me know how far you get!


It’s beautiful here! All sunshiny and stuff. God’s country.


New link? I can’t seem to find it…


Nope I was seeing if someone could do it for me - I think they think it is 8 pm - If no one can run it I will -


Oh, that’s right. No biggie. I can wait until 8 (7 my time). Hope you start feeling better. I got my Covid booster today. So far so good. Fingers and toes crossed.


It cleared up and is all sunny and beautiful now, just in time for our long drive out of town. Everyone enjoy your watch partying! I’ll miss you! Have a good weekend!


Guys I’m going to go lay down - someone take over!!! If you guys do just let me know how far you get - and I’ll catch up - sorry to be a party pooper!!!

Reference postings above!


Get some rest buddy. You’ve been having some late nights with us on the watch parties and need to recharge your batteries. Take care of yourself.


Hey everybody. I think I am going to skip the watch party tonight. I’ll catch up later. I have a long phone call with my sister every Friday around 7 central time and it usually lasts for at least an hour. I’ll tune in tomorrow to see how many eps were watched and try to catch up. Peace, out.


So who’s around? @porkypine90_261 @natyh @vivi_1485? We’re missing @kdrama2020ali @my_happy_place and @stardust2466_546


Hi, I’m late. Where is the link?


Prefect Match watch party link here


Well I was watching Vampire Cleanup Department and it just let out at 6PM MOuntain time which is 8 pm Eastern time so I am LATE now!


same -


Let me know how far you get!!!