Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


we watched 3 more 10, 11, 12


ok, All you late-night peeps with nothing better to do like SLEEP. We are starting a watch party right now for Fall IN Love With My King a costume rom/com movie from China. Join us!

Fall In Love With My King


@vivi_1485 you still around? want to join us?


I could! I’ll come in soon!


100% of us want to watch Lost Romance! :joy::heart_eyes:


We are gluttons for punishment ! We are starting another movie!


@porkypine90_261 and I have lost our minds tonight, anyone want to watch Antique Bakery with us? lol watch party link


don’t have to work in the morning!


Guys - You keep going with Perfect Match and Finish! or you guys can pick something else and I can catch up - I’m gonna take a BREAK! So please find someone to run the watch parties this weekend. Sunday I am going to do Halloween with my friends little boy - it is tradition!!

I’ll be back for the Long Ballad on Monday with Eps 27! @ 7pm @porkypine90_261 You need to watch Eps 26 to catch up to @natyh and @my_happy_place and me.

After Long Ballad it looks like Lost Romance will start!!!



ahaha (she punked out) We know the real reason is you want to go trick or treating with the kiddies. That’s ok! I would go too but I don’t have any little ones to bring along with me on my evening of candy extortion. :laughing: :sunglasses: :rofl: I’ll just stay home and feed hungry goblins who wander my way.

Ok! Who wants to continue Perfect Match? Which day and time?



@porkypine90_261, I rewatched Fall in Love with My King and it’s so much better the second time. Ok, it’s not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination but if you know the whole story beforehand it’s actually very cute. lol


Ok… I’ll watch it again. but I’ve been busy all day and have not had time to watch anything. I WILL get back to it! But maybe with ali and the rest of the gang? I think she’d like it.


I think it’s one that if we spoil the whole thing first, might actually make it better. lol


Maybe because we are so busy yakking that we do miss parts. but that is why Ali is the QUEEN of rewind. :rofl:


I don’t think we missed anything, It’s the story, they seem to have taken a full length drama and squished it into a movie. Things that should have been explained better were glossed over. It is cute though, the only downfall for Ali will be the lack of kissing. lol


but there are a few shirtless scenes for her to oogle over. :laughing:


I love those - and I’m loving the FLIRT - LEANfest in Love Script and it is the 1st Eps!!!


I’m rewinding on MYSELF watching a SHOW!!!

I am OK with lack of kissing if there is EXTREME flirt and Lean-ins!!!


you started it? I love a good flirt. lol


He is quite the flirt!!! Eps 1