Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


It starts with an L …

Here is a version with lyrics, to make it easier to recognize:


Still no idea? :slight_smile:

Let’s do an easy one first, then:


Actually I didn’t get to guess again yet, been enroute to work, and started working this whole time, I might have to get back to you wayyy later(◠‿◕) :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀


Just tell your boss you need a day off, cause something VERY important came up! :joy:


:joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Love it! :joy:


It has Thai writings :rofl:
You love Thai music! :smiley: ! W :heart: w!


Lithuanian! ? :notes::musical_note::notes::smiley::dancer:t5::running_man:t5::notes::musical_note::notes:


That’s why I said it was an easy one! :joy:

Yes! And I’m learning Thai. :slight_smile:

Very close! Their neighbors. :wink:


Oh Whow! Basically the same idea :clap:t5::smile: Oh hummm! I’ll definitely go through :point_down:t5: :tipping_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ :point_down:t5::blush:

The reason I thought of my topic, was my running into that song in manderine Chinese, and immediately recognizing it!
Plus I thought of all those osts of both Korean, and Chinese shows I hunted up the song for, and had on google music. Google music that is now youtube’s music.
I don’t know how I’ll even access the zip file I put them in :worried: I didn’t want the forced direction of putting them on youtube’s music. So I just zipped them up at the last minute. So many more songs I have, they are on my inaccessible, damaged iph4 :frowning:

So far @mirjam_465 has already given me lessons in language, and geography :smile: with her post in this thread. Do you know the answer?

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It starts with an L …


I have a #twitter fam who did just that, she went on a mission to thailand, and learned the language in real time. We’ve never met in real time, but I’ve followed her journey from her twitter posts, and links. :blush::slightly_smiling_face: She has since returned from her mission in Thailand to the U.S.:us_outlying_islands:


Maybe Latvia?


Sounds great! I’m just learning it in an online classroom, with an American teacher of Cambodian descent. :slight_smile:


:smile: :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:

Thank you! :tipping_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ :sparkles::wink: Let’s see what @mirjam_465 says to this answer!


@lutra is our winner! :1st_place_medal:

Yes, it’s a Latvian song. :slight_smile:


You’re certainly into some good jams!
At this point, a quick synopsis please, and at your leisure, what are they singing?


I looked up The Latvian people, and the first person I think of is Scarlett Johansson, but the closest she comes is being of scandinavian descent?


Their names are Marats Ogļezņevs and Emīls Balceris and they started their band in 2009. I discovered them through a song they did together with Latvia’s most famous band Prāta Vētra (internationally known as Brainstorm):

Sekundes obviously means “seconds”, but I don’t understand the whole song, since my Latvian is still limited. :joy:

Prāta Vētra sings also in English and another language:

The above song is actually a cover, btw.

Your article also says that her mother is of Belarusian and Russian descent and that comes even closer. Belarus and Latvia are both former Soviet States. The Latvian language is not related to Russian, though.


Pow! History lesson, music schooling, and multi-languages all rolled into one fan’s reply on the Viki :yarn:threads :thread: can you not love it :heavy_heart_exclamation: :star_struck:


And now a song that you should recognize. But which language could it be? :slight_smile:


A wonderful sweet ballad, I do know it! But alas! :joy: I’m among those using less than 10% of their brain :brain: power, and need time to extract the exact title :rofl: but time may not even help :slight_smile:
Now to tackle the original language :thinking: thinking . . . still thinking. . . Awe sucks! Is it Dutch, Swedish?