Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)




:rofl: Ah, and the French do so think they are the epitome of civilization. :rofl::joy::sunglasses:


I k
now xP

I know, I still think their language is barbaric, they butcher all the alphabet making it hard to figure out even the letters, like the Chinese. :stuck_out_tongue:


Today, I heard another song in the radio, this time it was the original in English that brought back the memory that this one was made into a German Schlager.

The German version by Bernhard Brink goes with the title “Free and Broke”, LOL never saw anything in English like this, anyway he sang about a girl that he met spending his last money on a drink, and she is spending her last pennies on the pinball machine.
But they were free in mind so, they just went on the next morning hitching a ride, they start working a few weeks to once again break loose to go to the beach again "free and broke - at the roadside to live their dream and now and then think about friends, who think that it is so hard to go for your dreams, while they think it is easy you just need to let go once in a while from all the things that hold you back.

I had no time to check the lyrics of the original. I was just happy I found another one. Did you remember this song, vaguely at least, well it is old from 1979.

P.S. The original was called How could this go wrong from the Band Exile


I don’t, but maybe someone else will :wink::+1:t5:


Once upon a time Princess Stephanie of Monaco (House of Grimaldi) was a bit of a wild child and followed a singer’s career , modeling and I think she might have some cameos on TV as well. At 17 she was badly injured when there was a car accident and she also lost her mother “Grace Kelly”. She recorded 1 song with Michael Jackson “In the Closet”.


Interesting facts! I’ll take a listen a bit later. :wink::+1:t5:


I will post a bit of French music I am melo since so much is happening in the world in the past days/weeks …
In case I have not posted anything of Jean Jacques Goldman, I will do so now …


And while I was looking through JJG stuff I found something for you, a song in many languages, tell me your favorite version(s) later.

It is taken from a movie about Asterix & Obelix, I guess more known throughout Europe, than in other places of the world. JJG is one of the 2 composers of this song. There are more version but after I couldn’t find the Italian and the Dutch version I gave up, it’s already 1 am and I need some sleep.

Original French

German version

… Hours later …
Haha, it seems I really needed some sleep I even forgot to hit the reply button, again … No comment.


I not too long ago got in :house_with_garden:, so I’ll probably be knocked out soon too :smile::smile: lately I’ve been sleeping instead of staying up, like I prefer. O’ well, the body needs it’s rest. Sleep :zzz::sleeping: well, goodnight!:milky_way:


Have a good night’s rest, I had mine already for me, it is good morning 9.30 am. So I need to get up.


Ooops! :joy: Good Morning! :sunrise: Rise, and Shine!


I just love this song la nuit - the night

and JJG did some work with Celine Dion too


Just posted this song by Willie Nelson in the song title game
here is the German counterpart. The lyrics are almost the same, I would say. But now I am really off.


I’ve fallen in love with the songs from this musical <3

Elisabeth - Wenn ich tanzen will


I have found one again, since my mom is listening to this CD for 3 days, I couldn’t avoid hearing this one
Nana Mouskouri - Träume der Nacht (Dreams of the Night)

The version you might know ...

Most of us know this version of the song
Cindy Lauper - All Through the Night and yes, the German lyrics are somewhat different, but I just learned that the song was originally from another musician Jules Shear, never heard of him before I guess …

#300 Finnish music :blush:


I guess Cindy Lauper made it famous to a different audience. Lovely song! The commments on #yt are worth reading too. . . :slight_smile:

English Lyrics 😉

I liked it, and need to know what I liked, very captivating!

Enchanted winter

This stage is the dearest of my children
Where moonlight moves through alleys
A bent twig, a summer in its care
White vast open sea
On the wings of a phantom moon
Comes to take me home

In winterland a moment is an eternity
Creeps to me on kitten paws
I get to live here where the story begins
Where a violin echoes the eternal melody of immense longing

Waking up the earth with its song


I bought SingStar in Finnish and this was my best song :rofl:

Usually I don’t listen to Russian music, but these guys were great (or are great) :thinking:

Japanese meets English… and French. His French is much better, but I think he’s half-french or smt. :star_struck:

since I’m German… we played this at my grandma’s funeral. I think it was a great choice :heart: