Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)



In case you didn’t notice, I love BtoB.





I’ll check these out in between dressing :face_with_hand_over_mouth: commuting, work breaks, and burning time waiting on the bus :bus:, my usual check in on discussions. :point_up:t5: Then there’s my days off coming up :wink: :slight_smile:
Are these apart of your playlist? Are they Osts from shows watched?



Only the 3rd Japanese song is an OST from SUPER RICH. Other songs are from creators.
All 3 Hindi songs are from Bollywood movies and I haven’t watched any of them. :sweat_smile:

But I also have some OSTs that I like.

  • You’re my Destiny (from My Love From The Star)
  • Spring (At a Distance, Spring is Green)
  • I wanna reset (School 2015)
  • Moksori (Cindrella and the 4 knights I didn’t watch the show but this is the first BtoB song that I heard)
  • I am alive (Mr. Temporary)
  • Yours (Jirisan)
  • Almost all Imitation songs.
  • Breaking Down (DAYS)

Apparently, I only have 1 playlist. Whatever I like, I shove it in there, and then listen to everything on repeat. Yes, all these songs are from my playlist (except the last two Hindi songs)


안녕하세요! @mirjam_465,
I saw in the over 2k comments on #YT, people really like this singer. What led you to this song? A friend, a show, or something else? I ask because I checked the comments on #YT, and saw the lyrics in english. It’s not a light song. The fight for life is pretty deep stuff, especially when that life is taken by a nurturer, even if it’s the life of a cow, or :ox: bull as in this song. The bull having to fight, and kill the nurturer, or fighter, is fighting to live, even in the fighting ring.


One day, another song of the same singer was in my YouTube suggestions and after hearing that, I started listening to more of his work and then also found this song.


Yup, I agree with a comment on this video, in my words, he keeps it interesting, never a dull moment!


SungJae is out and singing! This just dropped a couple of hours ago!

BTOB - The Song


My little baby! :heart_eyes:

… BTOB are just -chef’s kiss- perfection!

It’s winter and this song is making me emotional.


I really loved the song Whiskey from their newest album!!!


I searched up SungJae out of curiosity and the first image that showed (below) reminded me of Song Kang for a split second xD just thought I should tell you.
Image result for sungjae


OMG I didn’t know you are a fan of Sungjae!!! I’m a fan of BTOB, I have been for almost four years now. It’s great to see someone else hyping up their music :blush:


(The song is a Georgian folk song. There’s a trap remix of this song that I really enjoy but I didn’t post it since the fanmade video contains some violence).

(Okay, this song is in Armenian and English…)


I mostly listen to soloists but recently I’ve been strictly listening to one artist, ZICO. More specifically, I’ve been listening to ANTI, Okey Dokey, Eureka, BERMUDA TRIANGLE, and 풀어 on repeat.


:+1: I like Zico too. He’s about had it with his friends. :laughing:


I heard Any song a while back and I never knew ZICO made it until I started listening to him, I was shocked!


I love this song


Very random how I found this song. Part of the track was used at the end of another song I was listening to. I think they inserted this at the end to get around the copyright infringement lol

Anyway, I had to search for this! I love it! Don’t know what it’s about. So if anyone knows, please share!


The use of music in Again My Life to set mood, to underscore character development, and just generally to create anticipation for the next scene or episode is very good. It’s part of the reason I am so impatient for the episodes to come out and have taken to watching them without English translation.

Maybe it’s my Scotch-Irish Border Reiver Heritage. They were the most feared mercenaries in Europe during the time of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I of England, and the drums they used to beat time for their marching troops were big, loud, and scary to those who heard them coming. I get goosebumps when I hear good drum music; I have been known to cry at the sound.


@teufelchen_netty_266 Ich hoffe, ich habe die Sprache richtig erkannt?