Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)



In case you didn’t notice, I love BtoB.





I’ll check these out in between dressing :face_with_hand_over_mouth: commuting, work breaks, and burning time waiting on the bus :bus:, my usual check in on discussions. :point_up:t5: Then there’s my days off coming up :wink: :slight_smile:
Are these apart of your playlist? Are they Osts from shows watched?



Only the 3rd Japanese song is an OST from SUPER RICH. Other songs are from creators.
All 3 Hindi songs are from Bollywood movies and I haven’t watched any of them. :sweat_smile:

But I also have some OSTs that I like.

  • You’re my Destiny (from My Love From The Star)
  • Spring (At a Distance, Spring is Green)
  • I wanna reset (School 2015)
  • Moksori (Cindrella and the 4 knights I didn’t watch the show but this is the first BtoB song that I heard)
  • I am alive (Mr. Temporary)
  • Yours (Jirisan)
  • Almost all Imitation songs.
  • Breaking Down (DAYS)

Apparently, I only have 1 playlist. Whatever I like, I shove it in there, and then listen to everything on repeat. Yes, all these songs are from my playlist (except the last two Hindi songs)


안녕하세요! @mirjam_465,
I saw in the over 2k comments on #YT, people really like this singer. What led you to this song? A friend, a show, or something else? I ask because I checked the comments on #YT, and saw the lyrics in english. It’s not a light song. The fight for life is pretty deep stuff, especially when that life is taken by a nurturer, even if it’s the life of a cow, or :ox: bull as in this song. The bull having to fight, and kill the nurturer, or fighter, is fighting to live, even in the fighting ring.


One day, another song of the same singer was in my YouTube suggestions and after hearing that, I started listening to more of his work and then also found this song.


Yup, I agree with a comment on this video, in my words, he keeps it interesting, never a dull moment!