Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


Annie’s Song - John Denver


It’s definately not Dutch. :joy: It’s not Swedish either, not even related to it, but there is a Swedish-speaking minority in the country where this language is spoken.


That is correct. :slight_smile:


I am not sure Finnish?


Kyllä! (Yes!) :finland::slight_smile:


You speak Finnish too!
Holly molly!!
How many languages!!


You’re a music buff! !
What have I gotten myself into! :joy:


Audio on this would be great! :smiley:!


I really like this one. :smiley:
Sim2 feat. Maguro



Yes! I recognize the language! :slight_smile: :kr:


@leerla73 I got a new challenge for you. :stuck_out_tongue:
@porkypine90_261 Don’t prompt the answer! :joy:


Ding Dong


My fave Thai band, with the… odd name. :sunglasses: This is called “Plaeng Rak Khaawng Khon Phae,” which translates as “Love Songs of the Losers.” I don’t speak enough to know the full gist of what the song’s about, but it’s an instant rock anthem with a chorus that will stick in your head forever…

'Really hope I can catch these guys live sometime, maybe at the Big Mountain Fest.


:nerd_face: Did someone say challenge!:nerd_face:?

I can still hear them singing after I stop listening :joy:
And I don’t even know the language they’re singing in😆
What are they singing so hardently about? What language is it?


They like. . . :musical_note::dancer:t5::notes::man_dancing:t5::musical_note:

Mi gustas mañana, mi gustas!:microphone::guitar::smile:
El Corason! El Corason! :notes::man_dancing:t5::musical_note:

:smile: Very lively! :smile::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thai is made for singing, it fits so seamlessly, it could easily, easily surpass english singing. I prefer it sung verses spoken.

@mirjam_465, here’s a treat for you! :slight_smile::blush:


The twist in this song is there are some sentences in a 2nd language … What language could it be???


They’re doing stuff at night too!:laughing:


What do you mean?

Btw one of the last Lakorns, when I happen to watch a lot in the past was this one, and it was a lot of heavy stuff, so if you ever come across it, it is nothing light or easy to watch. But I watched it anyway, love a story if the pacing is good, it has some content that is critical for me, anyway it felt like a Thai “Gone with the Wind” for me with an even heavier storyline. About the eding. Yes - it is not a happy one.

But the music was pretty compelling


It’s because I’m not fluent, so I grab at bits of what I do know. . . I recognized noches. :woman_shrugging:t5: