Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


@oriya :laughing: :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ Thanks so much! I just knew they were hardently singing, alas’ the reason is revealed. Much appreciated :grin:


Oops! Not available!


Your share, and such shares, makes this thread so authentic!

A big! Thank you!


Same here! Osts launched my listening to Korean, and Chinese music apart from shows watched.


Her attire says definitely an African country. I don’t want the challenges, just your share of the beauty of what you enjoy. So, :blush: which country, and language is it? :heart_eyes:


She’s from Mali and she sings in Wassoulou. :slight_smile:

And now some Bulgarian jewels:

And a duet in Turkish and Bulgarian:


Try if you can find it
Kunz - Chliini Händ

But maybe you won’t, it isn’t a language used by many.

P.S. If you want more French music tell me, I warn you it’s more than 40 years I listen to this stuff.


Share what you feel you want to share with the community. Everyone’s taste is different, but we all do have a lot in common, and one is connecting on a global scale :sparkles::wink::+1:t5: Music is a great connector!


Aw! no fair! I knew as soon as I saw the writing! :laughing:



I knew you would! :joy:


Music I came in contact through France TV and radio and later my regional radio station that’s close to France.
Party English, but the refrain isn’t, he might not look like what you expect from an African musician but he still is.

I found as I think a beautiful version of this song, a flash mob of a gospel choir. He died 1-2 years ago because of cancer and many musicians around the world took this piece of music to honor him.

In the late 80’s and 90’s we got to hear more African music but somehow later it got silent again, a pitty.

Khaled is from Algeria had this huge hit all over Europe it would constantly play on the radio.

I have a few more from so till later or tomorrow


I particularly liked:

Machine ( Live a la maison. . .
Adamo - Tombe la neige (1976)

France Gall - Evidemnent ( clip. . .


The enthusiasm is undeniable! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Then maybe … How about these?




Probably my first contact with South African Music, this song is older than me. (partly English though, hurt my finger a bit so no more for today)


How cute! It’s funny that for a wedding dance, they are switching off partners in that dance just like the blacksmith wishing he had someone else. lol


Ok, Guess the language - How about Sugal? Which language is this? Any takers? :sunglasses:

ako ay susugal sayo. sa’ting pagmamahal.


@lutra Chlini Händ - Kleine Hände - Small hands is in schwyzerdütsch, lol yes Swiss German, this reminds me the Instrument invented by a swiss artist, hand made and used to be difficult to get, it has been produced by now different owners I believe and the instrument was called “Hang” which stands for hands in swiss german since the instrument is played with hands…
The company has switched to the Gubal somewhat similar to Hang but different.