Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


Let’s post some Dutch music. I normally don’t listen to Dutch music except for very few artists and songs. It’s just not my thing but this artist is pretty ok:

Brabant is the province I live in :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice song. :slight_smile:

Hmm … the first word just happens to be the Slovak word for “how” but … the rest doesn’t seem Slovak at all, haha.

My first guess would be Tagalog.


Yes. :smiley:

It’s interesting how a word here and there is pronounced the same in another language but means something entirely different. What was so funny to me is that there are a few words in Korean that sound the same as some Dakota words. and they do NOT mean the same thing. Talk about a conversational derail! lol


Yeah, like “ne” meaning “yes” in Korean, “no” in Bulgarian and “huh?” in Japanese. :joy:

But of course the confusion can also happen within one language:


It’s a wonder that anyone can understand spoken English and it’s grammar.

Many new English speakers would hear, "I read the book’ as, ‘I red the book’ as in the color red, not the past tense of ‘read’. ‘Read’ is spelled the same way in present and past tense but is pronounced differently depending on usage.

So many native English speakers get so mad when someone does not speak English correctly. They have no tolerance for errors but then again, they do not speak any other languages because ‘It’s too hard.’ I think it’s very brave of people who tackle English. This said by a person who doesn’t even speak English well. :rofl:


That reminds me of cartoon I once came across in times of elections. So on the paper you use to vote you have to color the box next to your choice red. This box is in Dutch called a “hokje”.
But hokje can also refer to the place where you stand when you do just that:

“I had to make one hokje red, right?”


I wanted one but the price tack …


Feel better @lutra, what are you using to make it better, and what happened? :worried: No don’t answer that, they need the audio option on these threads for situations like this, and others too. :sparkles::bulb::sparkles:

Lovely post by the way, you can tell the singers had a dance they did not fully express. Today’s artists are able to express so much more, like Sho Madjozi:


Hi @mirjam_465,
:sweat_smile: Whew! What a rollercoaster of emotions. Starting with spooky/scary, into rock/metallica. The only one I listened all the way through was Twilight Dreams, it definitely demanded I listened, and shook my innards, and I didn’t understood a word. Gackt definitely had complicated, and/or deep emotions to convey.


I heard this one on Douyin and liked it immediately :sparkling_heart:


Video does not fit the thread, but it explains the problem

I find Neil Diamond so cute using his song in the pandemic like this.

My skin is super dry with all the handwashing, but there is nothing to avoid it, so if I am not careful and lift something heavy or bump my finger against something it often cracks and as it is always close to the fingernails it hurts with every movement, put some ointment on and bandage. Now it is better but for going outside I will need bandages again, so nothing gets inside. So I need to stock up the special finger bandages again.
That reminds me the German word for it is “Pflaster” and I will look for it …
Here it is by the former duo “ich & ich” litarelly - I & I


yeah the old series hang went for 4000 - 6000 $ or Franks, the Gubal is around 3000, but the US produced or elsewhere hand drums/ handpans could be cheaper. There a similar instrument just more flat made in Russia I saw something on YT called RAV but has a long sound…


Ouch! I suggest you clean your hands differently. You may have to take the time to research the ways people of different culture do skincare. Everyone’s skin self-care is unique to each person. What works for one, does not necessarily work for all, get rid of the “cookie cutter” mentality. Please use a skincare method that suits you best.

Most definitely moisturize each time after washing your hands traditionally. Use pure avocado oil to naturally moisten your skin.

But, first let’s get you healed.

Any good home remedies fellow fans? (˘・_・˘)ゞ


The second song is a good flashback, at how free we were to express ourselves. It’s so full of life! “Asimbonanga - Hommage à Johnny Clegg - Le Gospel . . .”


Ha! Ha! That’s one determined voter! :fist:t5:


Good background music, yes, very relaxing. Ha! I kept it playing as I scrolled, and answered posts in this thread, lovely! :blush:


My soap is already the most sensitive there is. I am just always forgetting to treat my hands better. Now my silver hand cream has to do the rescue.


I’m putting down some Czech songs, Lucie Bila and Jiri Korn are a Czech legend and Karel Gott was very much liked and popular not only in Czech Republic but in German speaking countries, perhaps even further…
Byl by hrich / it’d be a sin

Kdyz muz ze zenou snida / when a man has breakfast with a woman :wink:

Leto / Summer

Childhood memories from “Tree nuts for Cinderella” a movie from 1973, the melody was adapted into a song…


yt meant this might be for me - I am not completely convinced …
But at least had to give it a try.

LOL 3 nuts …
In Germany too and it is not that old from 2009

without him and Biene Maja my childhood would have lacked something


I think we need some more Latvian songs here. :wink: