Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


Korean guy singing in Japanese:

Japanese guy singing in Korean:


Just from the peanut gallery😆
The Korean guy singing Japanese, did better than Gackt the Japanese guy singing Korean. :wink:


Actually, I let a Korean guy listen to Gackt’s song and he even thought Gackt must be a native Korean! :slight_smile:


:joy: I admit, I’m from the peanut gallery :joy: you get all kinds there, :joy: critiquing :laughing:


Some Russian, then? :slight_smile:

Russian cover of a famous hit from a Dutch band:

Legendary singer of Korean descent:

Enjoy! :notes: :guitar: :saxophone: :drum:


Sho Madjozi’s
Huku in concert ! :notes::dancer:t5::musical_score::man_dancing:t5::musical_note::dancer:t5::notes::man_dancing:t5::musical_score:




Bring it ! @angelight313_168 !!! Yes!


you tube has a lot of videos of jerusalema i’m finally learning the steps. The jumping kills me lol


I was looking at it too! After you posted here :grinning:!


This is the original steps. Ppl are adding moves and i like it simple. Originally you suppose to carry and eat something as you dance.


Awww! Didn’t find these, the Cuba challenge, I like a lot!



I still haven’t seen a jerusalema from South Korea


I just noticed the daddy yankee video has some kind of logo I tried to deleted but I can’t. Go figure that one out. YOU can’t even delete your own stuff.


Let’s also post a song of Clouseau. They are from Flanders, Belgium so they sing in Flemish, a Dutch dialect used in Flanders. I don’t own any CD of a Dutch singing artist but I do own a CD from Clouseau :slightly_smiling_face:


Speaking of Dutch music …


You can delete. Go into edit, the :pencil2: this is the only way to do it right away.
Then, you can post a different post, or link.:sparkles::wink:
I had to do that for one of my posts.


This is not visible


I didn’t know it specifically about editing, but I’m not surprised since there’s a limit to EVERYTHING on this discussion forum. After exchanging 500 private messages with someone, the system automatically closes the conversation.
When you enthusiastically post on a thread, the system tells you you post too often.

Just click on it. :slight_smile:


I’ve been getting that message for giving :heart: hearts too, maybe the tech team did not iron out the coding.