Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)


I love this piece of music, got to know it through Kim Ki Duk’s movie Bin Jip/ 3 Iron.


Hmmm, this would be easy for South Korea, they are very much into music, and dance :sparkles::wink::ok_woman:t5:‍♀


The one not visible just Click on it and it will show. lol

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This site has gotten so ‘‘controlling’’ now that it’s scary. I feel like we are in one of those controlling countries that you can’t even talk without fearing you’ll be put in jail…I went to a place like that, and I felt so sorry for the people who live like that; it was so suffocating.


It’s also not helping with the:


@lutra I learnt about Natasha Atlas’ music during my belly dance classes, I loved it so much that I bought a CD, she is very versatile in music/singing.

and Viki just reminded me that I responded to you already 3 times and that I should consider to respond to other people, lol, there goes AI keeping track here as well :joy::rofl:

Another sample of some non-English songs, in schwyzerdütsch, lyrics are hard to find,
Ich suäche dich - I’m searching for you:


Ow! Dermatitis sucks! You may want to try wearing light gloves. That way you can moisturize your hands without having to wash them all the time. Just remember not to touch your face. The reason they have people washing their hands all the time is so that if you come into contact with a bug you wash it off before you accidentally touch your face/nose/mouth and infect yourself.


@lutra This is good advice from @porkypine90_261


I feel your pain. I went through different types of sensitive soaps before I found the one that didn’t dry my hands out that much. Plus cream (and oil) also help :laughing: (my hands were dry even though I used the cream and oil, in my case, I had to switch soaps)


Yeah there’s a limit for that. 50 a day if I’m not mistaken.


Yea, I frequently run out of hearts. It’s 50.


The thing is, it goes against being able to get some of these community discussions badges :frowning:


I assume they meant on separate days :blush:


If I remember well, it becomes more when you get more badges. Or a certain kind of badges or whatever.

@leerla73 Does this sound familiar? :slight_smile:


First I’m hearing how it works :woman_shrugging:t5: I didn’t know about:


@mirjam_465, was it an OST from My Fair Princess?


Not as far as I know … :thinking:
You should know the song, though. At least in English. Maybe even in another language, but at the very least in English. :slight_smile:


Haha, not the original though.
The original was done by … only a hint there is the band, a musical with their music, a museum, … The band’s name has four letters each the first of a band member.


Save me @lutra :rofl::joy::joy::joy:

I promise you both, I’ve listened to it several times, and will again, it’s such a fun scene too :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Dear @mirjam_465 Thank you for your heartfelt trust of my abilities to know, but I am a dunce at the moment that elongates in time, Sigh! At times I’ll have a :face_with_hand_over_mouth::laughing::zap: of recall. Then, I’ll get up on a soapbox like @kdrama2020ali


Very last hint - google if you must -
The title of the song 3 times the same word
the band
3 last pointers
Sweden - Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson - Waterloo