My Continue Watching list is Not Updating?

Hi, I just wanted to check in with some other people on this - but my “continue watching” list has not been updating today. There is usually a lag time for it to update (a minute or so usually) but it’s like episodes are “STUCK” on a certain moment and won’t update at all even after watching several more episodes. This has been an all day issue (sometimes I’ve noticed that it happens and then works again, but not today). I’ve refreshed the pages multiple times and I tried watching a few other shows and only one show out of the ones I tried updated today to “save” the episode when I watched more of it.

Anyone else having this problem too?? This is really annoying because I’ll have to remember where I’m at when I try to go to watch them tomorrow and one of the shows I watched several episodes before I realized it wasn’t updating. :frowning: I hope this gets fixed soon!!

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